Miss You Ammu

Dear Ammu,


Hope that you are well by the grace of Allah. I’m also fine.

Ammu, I’ve heard from Shozol that nowadays you are not passing good days.  Your health is not under yourfavorr.

Ammu, I know you won’t stop your hard work.

Look that,You are not strong and energetic like your previous time.

But you are doing all the house hold works like the previous times.

You are growing older Ammu.

Now, You need to rest.

I have heard it that Everyday you are working with you sick body.

You have higher blood pressure, You have pain in your whole body and you have gastric problem along with some female diseases but you are not caring your body.

You know it very well that there are other four persons in the family including  Abbu who are totally dependent on you.

So,If you become sick then who will take care of other members.


Ammu, Though you are being ill but whenever I called you, You told  me that you are well.

Why did you tell me the lie Ammu?



No more today ammu. Please take care of your body.

Give my salam to Abbu and love to my younger brothers.

I’m missing and I’ll come back home very soon.


Your sincerely

N.M. Hadi


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3 thoughts on “Miss You Ammu”

  1. Thank you brother. Actually mother is our best person in our life. We did not forget her secrifice. If we make her shoes by our skin then we can not paid her loan. A morher is the most important person near every child.

  2. Mohammad Millat hossain

    mother is the best gift from almighty allah.a mother is like a base of the tree.we can’t compare the sacrifice of our mom with anything in this universe.love you mom.stay forever with us,with me<3

  3. ammu, through u r being ill but whenever I called u. u told me that u r well.

    this line is very emotional for any soon..
    I love my ammo so much..
    be happy all ammu in the world. thanks for nice letter writing

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