Movie Review : 3 idiots

Give me some sunshine

Give  me some rains

Give me some another chance

I wanna grow up once again 😊



Did you listen this amazing song anytime?

May be Yes.

There will be only a few people who didn’t listen this song yet because the Song is from very popular Bollywood movie.

In the movie, When the song was playing in the movie screen that time we got a shocked that a student died by suicide and that was seen by other students by a little drone which was made by the suisided buddy. 

The person was reading in an engineering college and was tried to made a drone for one of his project.

All the procedure was in right track but he made a little mistakes which made him failure.

Then, He showed it to his father with the expectation of getting some suggestion about it but unfortunately he was demotivated by his teacher. The teacher told this failing story to hisguardiann and he felt so much shocked that finally he took a worst decision to dosuicidee and finally left the world forever.

The teacher who demotivated his student was Dr Viru Sahastrabuddhe better we know him as Dr Virus who was acted in the movie as a director of that engineering college.




Here is no doubt that you could guess what I’m talking about. Today,

I’m writing about 3 idiots movie which is one the most watch movie among the Bollywood movies. This movie broke the record of box office at that time and achieved a new record.

The “3 Idiots ” movie was released on 25 December 2009 by Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films production company.

The movie was Directed and Edited  by Rajkumar Hirani,  it was

produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and script of the movie was

written by Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani.

The budget of this movie was around  ₹550 million and as I say it before that it was successful to break all the box office record,

This movie earned around  ₹3.92 billion which made a new record that time. Ameer Khan and Kareena Kapur was the hero and heroine of this movie.

The movie was made by two intelligent buddies who present the reality of our indian education by the very good illustration capacity. Though we are Bangladeshi,  But we are not far away from the problem. Our education system is also related to the same system mentioned there.
Oh I’ve forgotten to write that what is my aim for this article.
Let it make you clear to you.
Though I was determined to write about the review of 3 idiots movie but I think it will be meaningless.
Because almost person here who are reading must have watched the movie.
I have watched this movie for lot of times that  it’s quite impossible for me to countdown.
Especially, In this post,  I’ll focus the main lessons what we got from this movie.
The movie starts with a session of ragging part happening  in an engineering college hostel.
The senior students were doing fun with newcomer hostel boys and suddenly Rancho (Ameer Khan) entered into the hostel.
He also faced the situation but was quite different from other students who punished that leader senior by electric shock while he was urinating in front of his door with a very bad manner.
Then, All the newcomer were got ride of  from that raging session by his effort and we didn’t find another ragging session in the movie.
He was then meet with other 2 friends who were Farhan and Raju and they became 3 idiots from that time.
I will not extent the story and summering it shortly.
Rancho who is thee main character of the movie was very interested to engineering and he was a very good student also having creativity and hard worker and he was talent enough for it.
He was against our current education where students used to do memorize everything to get pass their exam.
Farhan was also from a prosperous family and his was ambiguous to become photographer.
His parents expect to have seen him happy.
Another one is Raju who is from a middle class family and was determined to learn engineering to support his family because his father was a paralyzed person and mother was a retired school teacher.
But he was pursuing very lower confidence that’s why didn’t make good result but finally got a job after passing his graduation.
Once he was gone for suicide because when Rancho along with 2 idiots were made a naughty which was passed to raju’s family and he thought he won’t see his face to his parents but fortunately, because of his good friends he was cured just before his interview.
Finally, Farhan was a wildlife photographer and he and his was satisfied for it.
Rancho was always a very good student and he was against his teacher who also used to suggest his students to memories.
Finally, Rancho was made a very good result and took the first place by defeating  chatur who is a student having a very good capacity of memorizing power.
There are some funny but educational senses are in the movie like when Mona’s child was delivering by vacuum cleaner in the table of tennis ball.
But problem was happened when the baby was not responding anyhow.
At that time, there was a very shocker sense.
Everyone was tearing for that may be Mona birthed a died baby.
But all the people are laughed when they get to know that the baby is responding when Rancho was said All is Well even virus sir was laughed at that time whom we never seen to laugh in the movie.
By the way,  they all passed their exam but suddenly Rancho was hidden by himself and was found after 10 years.
That time, He was a scientists and was teaching in a school in ladakh win his leisure times.
Also,the chatur was a vice president of an organization of a foreign country and thought that he was better than Rancho for his position but get to know that he was incorrect.
Now it’s time to know about the lesson what we got from the movie.
First of all, I want focus on our educational system.
We are pursuing a such educational system where we focus to memorizing rather getting know by doing it practically.
This is making ourselves non creative even we are not doing better.
So, the lesson should be like it that we will gather knowledge from doing anything practically.
Nowadays, we are seeing that our engineering  students are also learning by doing memorizing.
Our should be amended and the educational system should be run on the way thus our students could learn some from practical knowledge.
The next lesson can be like it that our parents should be happy by our happiness. It’s becoming a tradition that our parents are deciding what their children will do in future choosing what their children actually like to be in the future.
They just know that, if their children could become doctor or engineer in future then they will be happy in future by their earning.
Just think that, If  James of Nagarbowl would become a cricketer and Mashrafee would become a singer, Then how could we get such singer and cricketer as our living legend.
So, Our parents should not decide our childs future.
Children will focus on their own choice, then they could do better.
Here, Parents could help them to find out in which sector their childs are perfect.
Another lesson could be for students who are running after success rather working for their skill.
I want to say that, if you really could become skillful in your task then success will come automatically.
Don’t run after success, Run after your skill.
First be skilled and Then become successful in life by your work.
If we focus to students of Bangladesh, It will be rare to get someone who is studying for becoming skillful where every students are running for their study to get a job forgetting any extra curricular activities.
Students should learn their properly to make themselves perfect and skillful to any job, they will automatically get a very good job.
They should focus on their aim and do work to be skillful on that.
Finally, I want to finish my writing by saying a speech of Razib Ahmed sir that
      “There is no shortcut way to gain success”
So,  you must work hard for your aim and should be skilled on it.
You must do hard work for yourself but don’t forget our friends and family.
Do something for your friends.
The “3 idiots ” movie is a very good example of real friendship.
They were very much dedicated to their friend.
Don’t think you friends that they are your envy.
Try to help them as much you can.
If you help them they could be benefited but you will not be harmed.
Don’t think that if you help them they will avail your position.
They won’t reach to your position if you really work hard rather they will be helped  enough and they could make their family happier by your little efforts.
Nowadays, it’s tough to find real friends.
So,we  should be concerned enough to find real friends.
Thank you my dear readers for reading my article properly.
Hope that,  you will enjoy your life with your friends by running a very good friendship.
Don’t forget to write about your thought which your gained from 3 idiots.
If you didn’t watch it yet or  watched a long
time before then you must do watch it again.
Have a nice time.
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