My 24th number workshop of Search English group

Hello everybody a good day to you all. This is Al-amin here, I would like to talk about my 24th number workshop in search English group. So let’s get started.

This post I was written some days ago.

I had done 24th workshop.

Okay let’s get started.. At first i want to say that today is my another memorable day, you know maybe some time ago I had done reading syllabus of search English groups.

Today’s workshop has many new member of search English groups they are came here for develop their English skills. When I joined workshop that time I heard sounds of Jannat kader apu. Jannat apu asked a question to Aminul Islam asif , apu wanted to know how was his reading condition and Aminul vaiya replied his answer. And then I heard Razib Ahmed Sir sounds then Razib Ahmed Sir asked me about my reading condition and congrats me for my improvement. Then I replied all the qmindsn answer. In this way Razib Ahmed Sir has known all the members condition.

Today’s workshop I missed amta apu ,she is regular member of workshop. Nazmul Islam Noyon vaiya doing great in his writing section and also speaking video. Today’s workshop has came my another favorite brother his name is Anwar he has a great minds, he always supporting me to moving forward. Thanks a lot vaiya. As a first conversation Anwar vaiya doing great though he was little bit nervous but he talked good.

I had gotten a chance to practice speak with nazmun Naher apu. She is a good speaker at English than me. Within our conversation she talked very firstly like fluently. I am really happy for talked with her. Thanks a lot apu.

Jannatul apu and farhana apu so much first at speaking. They make a conversation very nicely. Best wishes both of you apu you’re going to get achieve a big thing.

At the last I want to say about Jannat kader apu she has managed every workshop like Razib Ahmed Sir. She has a great minds. She always supporting me and she always encouraging me to doing great in forward. Thanks a lot apu when I wanted help to Jannat kader apu she helps me.

Tanzimara apu always inspiring me by her comments Thank-you apu.

Nushrat Sultana apu always encouraging me by her comments Thank-you too apu.

Fouzia apu also helps me always and she supporting me all the time. Thanks apu.

Kamruzjamn vaiya already implemented a lot, I already watched his many video in search English groups. Best wishes for you vaiya.

Mojjammel vaiya has improved a lot I also watched his video in search English group. Maybe vaiya today uploaded his first video. As a first video he did great. Best wishes for you vaiya.

Kazi Sajjad vaiya also doing great he already going to finished search English syllabus. He also improved a lot. And vaiya best wishes for your next exam.

Mehedi hasan Vaiya also doing great he already finished search English syllabus like me. Now he started his revise to all the books which books already he finished as 5 times. Best wishes for you vaiya.

That’s all. I couldn’t write about many new comers Because I don’t know about them

Last of all, I would like to thank you who will read this post that’s mean I Thank-you.

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