My Activities in Search English Group

Hey guys what’s up?
After many long days later now I am writing something about my activities.

Nowadays I am fulfill active in Search English group, initially I want to say I am changing my life very rapidly. I imagine that i will be able to good speaker at English speaking. I am totally eager to learn English properly. I got a exact way to learn English and this way can believe me that I will learn properly. Who are new comers in search English group probably they firstly did not take seriously this group like my but now they are now taken seriously. For all the active member of search English group I got some eager to learn English properly. Because when I see their activities in this group that time their activities made me more active. Everyday I tried to read some comments , from many different types of comment’s I got more confidence to move forward in my English skills.

For my activities I get more inspiration from different people who are always trying to inspired me by their comments ,I really appreciate him. Nowadays I expected that I will do in my life very g things. Indeed I am going very rapidly and I have catch this point. And I am doing better in my speaking skills. And today after 12 am I will so happy because my groups age will be 5 month. And I am expected that within very short time I have changed my life little bit in the same way if I staying just 1 year I will a big speaker at English and that will be my life’s a big Story.

All the things has been possible only for Razib Ahmed Sir. I don’t Thank enough for him.

Thanks for reading my post.

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