My experience in Search English Group

I must express my great thanks and praise to the Almighty Lord of the world, Who enable me to add first with the SE group and later with DBS to learn a lot of through the help of an innovative personality and visionary of the time my dear elder brother respected Mr Razib Ahmed. Before attached with this group, I had a negative idea and bad experience with FB. Facebook kills hundreds of thousand hours of our valuable time specially young generations. Its chatting and Video clips let ones to be stay with it in the Android Mobile, laptop and desktop etc. I even had talked in many places on various occasions that this online social media is a creation of western society and part of devils activity to divers our society towards astray. I heard from an online lecture or post that, the founder of FB like social medias are the inventions of the non-Muslim society to keep our generation away from the real teachings of Islam and keep them busy with some thing which has no moral values at all. My thoughts had revolved with such idea and highly motivated.

But after getting attached with the group ( I am not confirm how did  I have had joined with the group), and practice 30 comments in a day, then posting, long post and reading the posts, SE website, DBS group etc make me busy with learning and educating new things and finally my mind change totally.  The best easy platform for learning is FB- an online open source of knowledge media, where you are a teacher and simultaneously you are a student also. Easy practice system without any expense.

The changes makes me surprise is group is its mentor RazibSir’s broad mind and constant efforts for the unknown learners. He has got now world class reputations and it will going on and on. My experience is very much positive and I myself have got lot of benefits from the group. I had zero knowledge about IT. Now I am dreaming to be a e-commerce entrepreneurs and to build my own website by myself. May Allah Almighty gave you proper rewards in the both world.

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4 thoughts on “My experience in Search English Group”

  1. sultan Mahmud sobuj

    before 1 month I wasted my time in facebook so much but when I involved in this group, now I’m addicted in this group.As a result my practise is going on continuously & see my improvement. I’m student of veterinary medicine but I ain’t satisfy to my department. Even I can’t set up a goal but at present I want to good at English as speaker & also be entrepreneur.

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