My friend

Dear Friend,
How are you? Actually I know the answer because I talk/chat with you regularly! I’m lettering to you in spite of having frequent contact with you.

It’s about 7.5 months, you left Bangladesh for your higher study. Still I feel tremendous lack of your presence. Don’t know why this trauma taking more time to be alleviated. Last night in my dream, I have seen the place where we studied together. I saw that I’m doing a course there but you aren’t with me. Classroom and classmates were unknown to me. I was feeling hesitate to seat there. In the dream, I thought wish your were here so that I could feel much comfort.

I know I am selfish one that why miss you when I feel lonely.

You may know I like ‘Faluda’ very much, specially Faluda by Star hotel. Now a days I don’t eat Faluda any more, even ‘Sharma’. I determined to abstain myself from these items till you come back. I feel nostalgic when I think about those.

However, time and tide wait for none. Most importantly, time heals everything. I will be alright too. Truly speaking, I’m much better than before. Now I’m busy with my life, my health, family etc. You are busy with your study too. Its called life.

I wanted to write many more things but……

May Almighty bless you always.
Stay well. Stay safe.
Concentrate on your study.

Your friend
Nishi Nisha


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