# My Higher Studies

Assalamu alikum to all. After completed my Bachelor i have decided to go abroad to complete my further degree which is MBA. Then i choose International Islamic University, Malaysia for my degree. Then took preparation and finished my visa processing then i came here on 27th May, 2016. The atmosphere of the university is very good and friendly for studying. Almost 120 countries students  from the world come here for studying.

After recached to my university, i did my registration first. Then confirmed my accommodation and took lunch. Then went to the nearest shoppiang mall to buy some necessary commodoties. In that time my mood was off because i left my family to my native country. First few days of mine were passing with very difficulty. It is a very common matter that it needs to take few times to get settle in a new place and environment. I found so many students from Bangladesh also studied there. So it is make me easy to suite this new environment. After few days i settled and do my courses quite easily. In here i introduced lots of foreign students, i made good friendship with them. Now i have another seven courses remaining to complete my MBA. So everyone please remind me in your prayer  that i have complete my degree successfully. I am sharing my experience which may not have good writings but i am trying. Thank you.

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