My mother

Dear Maa,

Take my holy salam which may give you peace of mind.sometimes I never be able to give you peace.You always pamper me like an angel.But I never tell you that you are my angel not me.In my every step you support always try to shine my life.I wanna give you thanks when you were awake whole night for me that time I was suffering from pox.All people went away from me because of this contagious diseases .But were with me like a shining angel.I wanna tell you thanks when I was in nursery you stood near the window in front of class.Because without you I felt like helpless in my school.But you never let me feel alone.when my friends left me that time you were with me like my best friend.I wanna give you thanks again when you saved me from father.My childhood memories alive inside of my soul and heart because of you.

Now I am other mature person sometimes I also feel now I can do everything.But I am wrong maa.I never tell you.Today I wanna tell you through this letter I am totally incomplete human being without you.I never be able to tell you this heartiest truth. I know my thanks is a very tiny word before your love.But maa today I wanna tell you before all of holy human being which I never tell you that is………………………..

I Love You So Much Maa

Your chotto maa

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8 thoughts on “My mother”

  1. wonderful post about your relationship with mother.yes mother is very attentive and loavable for her child.mother is always like a blessings for us.carry on of luck

  2. i am nothing without my AAMMUUU….
    you know what? some times i feel very guilty and be ashmed about my misbehave with my world….sometimes i feel like to cry but i dont say her sorry thats my big problem…she doesnt know .how much i love her…and what is her position in my life… my pros and cons there are always a person who used to staying beside me.. love u ammu…….

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