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Hi, dear friends, hope you are well.

I know you are going ahead with indomitable forces by welfare of SE. You are not more frightened about English. I know also that now a days you feel thirsty if you remain out of Search English for a while. However, Today I am with you to tell something about my experience and improvement shake of Search English.

I was a thirsty boy for English always who was wandering door to door the premises of English. I have joined many Facebook group for learning English. But I never satisfied. However, it is a long story. I will tell about it another day.Search English has given me a lot. What do I not get here? I have got everything what I had desired once upon a time.

Translation tough work:

I never believe that I will can translate in English so easily. Translation was a dreadful thing for me always. Though I am not so much good at on that point but I feel comfortable to do it now. And small article I enjoy now a days. I never be anxious about my mistake so I can do it freely. I can remember my starting days, when I had to sit for an hour with one word or one sentence to translate. I had to suffer a lot for this. For two months I never had a sound sleep. You can laugh at me, but it is true my health has broken down for this. Now a days I feel so much weak. Pray for me. I am trying to regain myself.

Pleasure in reading:

Whenever I tried to read something in English, I never got taste. It is not that I did not try. I bought daily star for reading English. I bought but I feel so much boring to read. After trying one or two days I gave up. I did it frequently. There is also long story. When I joined SE as first I have seen, I enjoy here. Because the words and sentence are writing by simple people who are weak as like me. There providing sentence not like the sentence of daily star. I understand everything even if they mistook. Because it is very easy understand any language. If anyone say a simple word replying your question,” well.” You can understand that he is in good position. Everyone share their own feeling, opinion which comes from our life style. So, every day we listen our words. It is not tough to understand even if we do not know the meaning of some words. We can guess what he is telling. In that way I started to enjoy the reading. Really now I am enjoying reading. Few days ago, I read drama of Shakespeare in formatting of story. At first I felt it is tough for me. But after reading some I see those are interesting, really very interesting.

I always like to read. I read book, blog, magazine, paper. But now a days I can read in English. So, I feel I am entering a new arena of reading. I had a wish I will read famous international books and literature. I will surpass whole the world by reading. Once upon a time it was dream of me. But now a days I am doing it. Reading gives me pleasure.

I can express myself by my pen:

I cannot believe me that I can write an article with one thousand words. I used to write for a magazine when I was a school boy.  I would feel badly if I could write it in English. Sometimes I tried vainly. Yes, I am telling about my writing. Now a days I can write. Whenever I sit for writing I remember my past times. It seems to me, I am staying in my utopia. I can express myself by my pen. Writing is not so easy job. Sometimes we never find to write something. Writing comes from thought. For writing we have to bring something from mind. Without wholehearted mind and engaging oneself, writing will be fruitless. But it is also true if you always see it in this way you never write. You have to start your writing. Which Search English makes easy for us. I can remember a great writer quote in that point. Earnest Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”   It was a very ominous thing that we will write in English. How it can be possible? Now SE has flooded always by writing of many people. As simple man I can write as my willing. Whenever I wish, I write so freely.  So, I think  I am the best writer for myself in my utopia.

Speaking is my hobby:

I can remember at first day of audio adda. With trembling voice I was trying. Meanwhile Razib Ahmed vaia had come. I do not know why I feel so much inspiration from his simple word. He said to me only, “You will can, just continue” After that I keep it continue for some days. Now a days when I talk with someone in English. I never take it specially that oh my god!! I am talking in English! Rather it is not special something. That does not mean I become a TV presenter but I can continue my daily conversation in English. It is a great something for me.

No more today, Best of luck.



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