Never Bother Other To Develop Own Skills

Assalamu Alaikum.
What’s up, guys’? Hope all are well by the almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am pretty well.
We all know that we are weak in English that’s why we practice in this group. And this group is a public group, free platform to practice with a huge mistake. Everybody has his own right to practice here. And the Admin and moderator of this group said to practice here to read, wrote and speaking. For developing our English speaking we can make a lot of videos and upload here. Also, Moderator and admin approved all these video posts. We read English books for 12 years but we never talk properly with others. But this platform gives us the opportunity to talk fluently. So am I. Now I can talk English very easily. For my Improvement’s I give full credit to this group and founder.
Sir also said that in 2019, he will give emphasis to develop speaking. For this development, video speaking will be the must. If you do not like it at all, please ignore it. Why discourage other? Here, some active Members such as Rana Raihan, Nazmul Hashan Noyon, Tajmin Ara Begum, Sheikh Robi, Abdul Ahad, Md Daloare Hossain @Shavana Pervin, Api Barua, MD Alamin, and others practice regularly and improved a lot. Their speaking style, pronunciation is also better than previous. We all, as well as sir, give them courage and inspiration to keep it up.
Never bother others. When I browsed Facebook, I watched Rana bro video and comment that one wrote down some unnecessary words to dishonor him. Yes, we all know that when we get attraction in any field then we want to do it quickly with others like a contest. And here is same, some members want to upload more video, some are going the apex of 200 or double century. Congratulations of all them. It is natural and they can learn amply. For this, they try their best effort to improve their condition. They focused their dream and destination and implement their dream as it comes true. So, never bother other words.
Be patient, be practical.
Thanks a lot.
Nazmun Nahar Nupur
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