Nobility, A very great quality of human being.

People are very sweet in speeches but very bitter in actions.your good behavior is the symbol of your nobility. Your disposition will ascertain you how magnanimous people you are. Your generosity will be exposed through your actions not your own acclaim. All the good qualities of a human being consist in a noble person. The radiation of nobility is very mammoth. Magnanimity accumulates all the virtues of a good human being.
Do you know what is the difference between a man and a beast?
The answer is conscience.
Man can work by utilizing conscience but the beasts have no power to judge conscience. For that man is called judicious or sagacious creation. Man is called as the best creation for their conscience. So we should be careful to apply our conscience in a proper way. Man is very intellectual animal and he conducts everything with his wit,wisdom and conscience. We the human being also rear beastliness but we have knowledge to control our atrocity. This is the real difference between a beast and a man.
A generous person is always plunged in doing good for others.He/she forgets about his/her self-interest. He/she always ponders over how to do well for the country or country’s people. He/she always stays away from all narrowness,vengeance,vindictiveness,abasement,indigence,selfishness and malevolence. The generous people never believe in consoling rather they believe in cooperating the people by their prompt actions. It is very rare to find some benign people in our society. Very few people can be benevolent to work for the general people. But we the youths are very lucky enough at this regard because we have a multi-talented,vigorous,diligent,industrious,selfless,benevolent,kindhearted, highly ambitious, enthusiastic,honest,truthful,devoted,passionate,determined and motivated leader from whom we are having constant support, cooperation, inspiration,direction, instruction and guideline to make our life worthy,blissful and successful. I am sure that you can guess about whom I am talking now. Yes this is our great mentor,revered brother,the founder of Search English group,The president of E-cab, The great motivational speaker and writer, Mr Razib Ahmed vaiya who is incessantly working for us to make our dependable and successful career without any interest. He is selflessly and relentlessly guiding us in Search English group to be efficient in English language so that we can build a good career by applying our English literacy or knowledge. You all know that you cannot have a good job in this highly competitive era without having a good possession over in English. His every speech works as a miracle to remove our inertia or depressions. His incentive speeches make us vivid to shake off our laziness. It is really astounding matter that how wonderfully he is motivating us to be devoted and concentrated on learning English. We are really lucky that we are wholeheartedly learning English in Search English group without paying any cost. We are not spending any single coin to be adroit in English. We the helpless and aimless youths are really indebted and grateful to our beloved brother Razib Ahmed vaiya for his highly innovative way of learning English in Search English group. He is the true noble person,magnanimous person,generous person who works for the general people selflessly. He is true patriot, He is true philanthropist, He is true altruist.He truly possesses humanity in his heart.
Humanity or altruism is the source of nobility. If you want to step down to the way of nobility, you must ignite your altruism in your heart. you have to prioritize your heart to cogitate over people’s interest beyond to your all self interests. your happiness will be consisted in other’s happiness. No narrowness or abasement can dare to touch your heart. you must be sunk into doing welfare for others and you will forget the disparity, distinction and inequality among the people. A noble person is an exemplary character in a society. Nobility is such a quality by which you will be illuminated to the people even after your death. A noble person is an utmost friend for the people. As you are the greatest creation of all creations, you have lots of duties and responsibilities in this transient world, you have to perform all of them by your altruism and generosity. Without being philanthropic,you cannot be able to possess nobility in your heart. It is inevitable to nourish philanthropy and altruism in your heart to be great human being.
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3 thoughts on “Nobility, A very great quality of human being.”

  1. nobility is a great virtue but most of time we don’t maintain this. in a era if we saw our nobility but somebody cheat us.that’s the point we forget our novel virtue.

  2. Afroza Moushumi

    I read your whole post. In writing section such kinda good topic is really needed and good to read. May be I am the first person who put a comment on this post at first.
    You choose a great topic like nobility as everyone should possess this great quality. It’s not really easy to possess this quality in thyself. It’s the matter of holding long time patience for acquiring nobility.
    Anyway you have written very good though I have found some hard words which meaning don’t know by me, so I am attempt to find out them.
    Thanks for your writing.

  3. A noble person knows better about nobility. Almost all the virtues necessary for possessing this great quality in heart has been well described by this excellent write up. To be honest, some words are not known to me and that’s why I am to find out those meaning to get better meaning of the whole post. Anyway, I appreciate your excellency in writing and demonstrating your inner feelings in such a decorated way, really your deserve it. Hope more and more awesome write ups will be generated from you in the upcoming days and we will be enriched reading those.

    Thanks and best wishes for you brother.

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