Ohm Shanthi Oshaana Review

Love is simple word , but it matters a lot , when anyone is about to touch it . It can change the stony heart into soft hearted person in a moment . A new spring arises in mind , a new tune plays through the day in mind . Lovely words through the beloved dewy lips make you awaken in dawn . Whole nature turns into new looks . How it will be appeared in mind no body knows .Everybody , be it girl or boy , has a dream person to love. She or he wishes to get that person as their life partner . Somebody falls in love with senior one or somebody with younger one . There is not any destined fact . But anyhow , all have to be fallen in love in life once .

Marriage is an important fact in life . That time , Love arises as crucial topics . Some people take this two ways . To marry ones you love or to learn love after marriage . But after marriage , to love , it’s risk to all girls . Because they do not know what will be the groom house , how would be that family . Falling love before marriage , it increases slightly confidence in the bride anyhow . there is no fixed it would be correct all time . But to love , there has no schedule .

The main story starts from 1999 . Pooja Mathew is like tomboy , loves to ride bike , loves to kidding with friends , family members . After talking with Rachel Aunty , She understand what;s the benefit of love before marriage . She decides to find anyone for herself . One day , some gang irritated Pooja on the ride . A stranger named GIRI comes there and saved her . After that , she has attracted on him . Giri is a Kung Fu trainer and work as a farmer . He had affair with Julie , but she is engaged with another one .When Pooja proposes to Giri in a temple, he refuses , because Pooja is just a teenager . He suggests to do her study attentively . Pooja is broken down . After four years , she has appeared as internee as a doctor in medical college . Yet , she can not forget her . In the meantime , she tries several times to be closed with Giri . But she fails again and again . When she is informed , Giri is about to marry with Sreelaxmi , childhood friend , she gets shocked . But Sreelaxmi elopes away with her beloved Kaanjani . Later , Rachel Aunty takes Pooja to Giri in the same place where Pooja proposed first time . Pooja admit Giri loves her a lot all time . He showed the locket , Pooja is about to give that the first time of proposal . Both family sides agree with their marriage . They get married soon . They are passing as a happy family with toddler daughter named Juile . Giri is named baby after his ex-girl friend .Pooja narrates in the end of the movie ” Really men never forget their first love . ”

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is an malaylam coming of age romantice movie which was directed by Jude Anthany Joseph.
Nazriya Nazim played the character of Pooja Mathew and Nivin Pauly as Giri . Nazriya is favorite to fans for her cute and affectionate looks . In this film , her natural and breezy acting is praised worthy . Through the film , they play the role excellent . Genrally Malaylam movies are praised for videography . This movie is not an exception . Beautiful scenery with casting makes the movie very charming . If anyone is loves to watch pure love movie beyond to action or gorgeous film , then it would be the best choice for them . Good luck to all . Have a enjoy nice movie .

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