Online Freelancing and English Lanugage

Hey guys how are you and how is going on? Think and I hope by the grace of almighty Allah. I am also doing well. After come back I am with you and trying to write something for you. From today I will write about some skill that I have and I hope by this writing you also will be interested about this profession. If anyone want to be a freelance or it specialist I will help you from my end as much as possible.
In online marketplace most valuable and demandable skills are Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Content Writing, Data Entry and Digital marketing. Also have many more work in online that people are doing and earning money. Actually our ultimate goal is earning money from anywhere. It’s does not matter what you are doing and where you are doing. Every people working for earning money. First of all you need to select your goal. I mean what you want to do? In student life we have read about aim in life. But unfortunately we read those only for exam and good mark. But we did not have understand that how much it is valuable in our real life. Some people are thinking that we don’t have any aim, we need a job for surviving and living. Yes, they are also right in this case you need to love your work what you are doing. Without love in your work, never you will be a successful people in life. So everyone need to do hard work to get success in life. It was just introduction now I am going to my point.
Web Design: Everyone you know that I am a wed designer what’s why I am going to write about it. Actually Design is an art. It’s does not matter you are a deb designer or other designer. As a designer you have to be a creative guy. And every time you need to think about art and color. Design it an art of color and idea. If you use popper color combination and proper image and other thing it will be great design and everyone will appreciate you. As a designer you have to do your work in different way. If you copy design from other never you will be a good of professional designer in life. As a web designer you need to learn how to use Photoshop. Photoshop is a software, so you need to learn its different tools and effect. Nowadays Photoshop CC is most popular version of this software. If you want to be a Web Designer I will help you. You can learn this skill from online, Youtube is best for this tutorial. Just go to and writer “Web design Tutorial” it will display you more that thousand video for you about this subject. But most important thing is that you need to understand those instruction an d their speech. They will talk to you in English so first of all you need to learn English. Without knowing English it will be difficult to understand there. So first of all you need to go SE. Do you know? What the meaning of SE? Its mean Search English. Okay friend just stay here for 2/3 month. Inshallah within this time you will be a good English Speaker, Listener and writer as well.
If you want to know more about it just write comment here I will try to reply you. Best of luck and have a good day. Last of all success is matter of time and its waiting for you if you regular. It is continues writing so will come with you as soon as possible.

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