Open letter to the late father

Dear father,
Assalamualaikum Ahlal kubur.Hope and I strongly believe you are well in your new home.Why won’t you stay well because on your whole life you wanted others to keep well and now its your turn to stay well.You had also choosen very mubarak day (Friday 12th Rabiul Awal 1437 hijri,25th December 2015) for your farewell. Abbu since long i didn’t see you.Father even we didn’t meet on your departure time.Oh how God dammed I am.I might make you worry in your life so that I got my punishment for my sins. Though for a short tour I had chosen wrong time to go outside the country!On your departure time i was miles away from you, is this my punishment or not?My whole life I will bear this exhaustion. My soul is very unfulfilled for that.You didn’t take any help from others so on your departure time you didn’t gave any physical harassment to us.Why didn’t you give us chance for nursing you.Why you suddenly left us?Father I miss you every moment.I have listened about many proactive person but for me you are the best example for that.You never afraid for any work.The work which was hard for us but for you that work was easy.You were my best man.From childhood you fulfilled our each and every need even sometimes that was hard for you.I did not feel that I was growing older till your depurture. When I heard you left us I couldn’t believe that time.

Your lunge was effected for tuberculosis so that you was on the risk to caught cold easily on the last moments of your life.I can’t accept that only for me you had to stay whole night at cold storage on last December’s cold.My body becomes frost when I thought this incident.Father,that is very painful for a descendent when his father’s dead body was on the cold storage for burial whereas his son started a long tough journey toward his father’s dead body for bury. Father even I couldn’t apologize in front of you before your departure. Father till now I miss you. When I become helpless at any problem I remember you.Though mother is trying to fulfil your gap to her descendants but your gap will never be fulfilled. I know we will never meet again.Nor we meet when we will resurrect after death.If I have any goodness then I will beg from my lord to be with you after my death. Please give me your blessings everyday on my dream until I alive.I wish from my heart and soul that I can lay down beside you after my death.Today I want to tell you something which I never told you before in front of you when you alive.Abbu I love you very much.Stay well.Rabbir Humhuma kama rabbayani sagira.

your elder son

Tanvir Akhter
10th may 2017

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4 thoughts on “Open letter to the late father”

  1. Rabbir hamhuma kama rabbiana sagira. When i read your writing i saw my father in front of my eyes. I love my father very much. Miss you abba… And I definitely do something for you. I want to make you happy for my deeds.

  2. I become so emot after reading this let. Our first guide is our father. May Allah bless him Jannatul ferdous. His bless us always with you. You and your family may meet him in heavy In Shaa Allah. Don’t feel guilty, fate can’t be changed. May Allah bless all the fathers in the world.

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