Opportunities in Bangladesh

Assalamu Alaikum.

What’s up, peeps? Hope all are well. It is my first letter to submit this group.
Ok, friends; today I want to describe an important topic about our country lovely Bangladesh. We all love our country very much. It is a place of divine nature, greenly and well temperament. It is a land probability of opportunities, possibilities. Now I want to write down some opportunities in our country

Bangladesh is an independent country. It got its freedom in 1971, above 47 years ago. After 3 years, in 1921 we will celebrate the golden jubilee or 50th year’s birthday anniversary of our country. In this time, we show there are a lot of opportunities. The agricultural sector, ready-made garment sector, Ecological source, gas, electricity, coal, and others mineral resource is proficiency in our country. We have ample men power, old traditional to show up, proper educational opportunity. So we can easily develop ourselves as well as our country.

In this modern era, our government helps us to establish various technological communities such as data soft, Techno Park and so on. So we need to develop our skill in this various sector. Outsourcing is very common at this time. For doing outsourcing or freelancing we need to proper skilled. As a large number of people unemployment, they can take education from technical subjects. Every district of Bangladesh, the government establishes the training center to skill in the various technical subject. So, we can easily take training in various subjects besides our academic studies. One day we will be the entrepreneur, business person and so on.

Bangladeshi, by birth we are brave nationality. We can tolerate many obstacles, terrible situation, trauma and so on. We can free our land with bloody war. To establish our Bengali language as a state language we sacrificed our lives. So we know how to overcome all problems and set up tranquility and peace among all. We, the people of southern sight, tolerate the terrible storm or situation in every month of a year. Drought is the very common problem in the northern part. But we can survive with all these obstacles. We can cope up with all circumstance. So, if we raised our minds power, our skilled no one can disappoint us. Gradually we develop ourselves. And it is high time to skill and enrich ourselves in various sector.

Thanks a lot.

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