Prayer to God


My Creator,

This is not my prayer, that you save me in my danger, rather my appeal from you please give me the patients, strength, through which I can overcome all bad situation.

This is not my expectations, that you give me wealth a lot, rather my crave from you, keep me always in your blessings.

This is not my ask, that you make me a queen , rather my hope from you , please make me able to taking the responsibility of mine.

This is not my satisfaction, that only when I pray and you will answer me, rather my beg from you, please always stay with me, never go away.

This is not my solicitation, that you give me the long live , rather my request to you, you give me a short live , where will have honour, respect, pleasure, peace, culm, and the tranquillity!

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5 thoughts on “Prayer to God”

  1. Harun Ar Rashid

    Firstly thank the Allah which give you a lot of knowledge and a god mind your prayer is so softly and real i hope Allah always help you reason your satisfaction your fallibility Allah always like same type of words real truth Allah is great and merciful we should all time respect.

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