Proud to be a member of Search English group

Dear all Members,

Greetings of the day! How are you all? I am fine. today I am writing this letter to know all of you that I fell myself so proud to be a member of this group.

This is the one and only group where I am learning daily something knew about English or about steps of how to learn English easily. I wants to share something with all of you about myself. form the childhood I am a very bad student. I never give proper time for study but I never fail in any class till now. always I was a lazy girl.

so we all know every action have the opposite reaction right for my past action now in this stage I am getting the opposite reaction its normal I know but I cant change my past. when we start our job life we don’t need use or apply much educational knowledge what we learn in our school, college or university except English. Now-a-days in job sector if you wants to survive you have to know English properly.

I feel something we can’t learn form In a class environment, if it was happen then all graduate students are must have good skill in English.

sometimes we learn very critical thing form entertaining. In our country Facebook is a most entertaining subject but we use it in wrong way. we can also use it to learn something this concept I know after build this Search English group.

Every member of this group and also who are like me this group is giving us a great opportunity to skilled ourselves in English.

I would like to give a lots of thanks to Razib Ahmed sir who build this wonderful platform for us and also I like to give a lot of thanks to Shirajum Munira apu,    S M Mehidi Hasan Partho vai, Abul Khayer vai, Neyamotullah Mohan vai, Zaied Sifat vai who are working behind and maintaining everything.

Sincerely,               Mansura Islam Mim

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4 thoughts on “Proud to be a member of Search English group”

  1. Absolutely right. We feel so much happy and proud as well to being a members here. I also grateful all the founder specially our honorable razib ahmed sir. It is really a beautiful environment and really glad to practice here.

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