Razib Sir like a candle light

Assalamualaikum everyone,
I hope you are very well by the grace of almighty Allah. I am also good.
At first when I joined this group, I felt afraid about my fault. If I do any wrong sentences or if I write a post there could be many mistakes, then how I can face with them, who are also the members of search English group. What will think them about me & my mistakes.
I always thought that kind of sounds.
But after some days I found the unique thing, that is Razib Ahmed sir‘s advice. He spoke about keep continuing whatever it would be right or wrong, but constantly. And I saw all the people of this group are very cooperative. They always inspired to do practice more & more constantly without any fearing to make mistakes.
Then I got more courage myself. I also doing practice.
Thank you very much dear Razib Ahmed sir..
He’s like a candle light & gives the flame light to the others.
Thank you very much.
Allah Hafiz

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3 thoughts on “Razib Sir like a candle light”

  1. sultan mahmud sobuj

    When I joined this group I was opened a fake fb id for practising here but some hours later if don’t reduce my shyness I can’t prosper in my life.Afterword I changed my decision & till now I practise here by my real id.Now already a huge of shyness reduced from mine & I can’t practise here without any hesitation.

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