Razib sir’s advices from his post

From honorable Razib Ahmed sir’s post.
The 30 benefits of doing 30 comments daily in search English group :

1/ The fear and shyness has been removed absolutely within one month.
2/ The confidence increases more about. English. 
3/ the typing speed got increase.
4/ the speed of English reading increases
5/ the understanding capability increases more in the time of English reading.
6/ English writing capability grows.
7/ fast writing speed grows in own language.
8/ inability has been removed from writing.
9/ many words are learned without memorising.
10/ many words are seated in mind
11/ automatically got reduced the number of mistake.
12/ some mistakes caught by own self.
13/ the grammatically tension has became less
14/ the questions of exam can understand so fast
15/ in the exam sheet can write fast
16/ the extra ordinary power has been come to speak or spoken
17/ when talking something such even words/sentences comes automatically by reading more posts.
18/ the fear is being less in the job viva or interview.
19/ 10 minutes speaking ability grows within a month.
20/ the talking ability grows at any topic from the zero.
21/ the spelling errors reduced more within a month.
22/ the power of many tough spell having is coming.
23/ the ability of thinking in English is coming
24/ the power creats to giving any opinion in English at any subject.
25/ it won’t get fear to chatting or talking with foreigners
26/ there is no fearing about English after passing class 8.
27/ such believe grows in mind that anybody can do good in English learning.
28/ own development recognized by own self after days.
29/ it’s no need to see the others for understanding own progress. 

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