Reading is My Strength

At this time I m totally free,,because few months ago I m completed my graduation from nu.. I got a good c.g.p
a 3.41..good result is good but not enough for the job.. I gave in exam in the onnorokom group. That’s time I m answered every question in English.. I m enjoyed so much this exam.. Are you know?it’s my first written job exam in English .. They don’t call me. But, I felt so much good, for this reason I could.. I wrote about me.. And I also wrote about every question, these questions they want to know.. But, this company preferred some category for choose the job..i have no experience about this.. that’s why I put digital marketing… I m also meet with ksb ltd..but this m.d.. heavily give me shocked.. they tell me your job is confirmed.. but,few days ago this company rejected me..why it’s happened I don’t know.. Now, I m not frustrated about my life.. reading is my strength, reading makes me happy.. reading saved my time.. by reading I got many inspiration from here.. thanks u Razib Ahmed sir..

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