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Hi, mates and friends!

Hope you are passing very well. You everyone have an individual choice and liking for spending your leisure. It vary man to man. We have own choice, own liking, own option and pleasure. So, our hobby is not same for all. We do different and like different activities in our leisure. But one thing is that there are some common activities that we do most of the people in our leisure. Hobby is changeable depends on time and age. Can you remember? In your childhood, what was your choice? Listening music? Playing cards? Writing?

Sure, you gave priority to watch cartoon rather than those. I am a boy from village. Indeed I feel proud as a village boy. Because village people get the chance to grow up with nature. They can understand the nature and creature of Almighty from very close. They can learn from nature which is much inherited. So, they are reachable from earlier. When they come to the touches of book and formal education their learning become easy and receivable. They can easily catch the point because what they learn from the surge of river, flying bird, flock of sheep, open sky, green field, and angry snake those are not fruitless. Rather effective for learning. They started to struggle from their birth. So, they can feel the reality of world and survive here. What you never feel from staying in a metropolitan city or high rises building or in hectic place. It is only possible by living with nature or close to be nature. However, I am explaining my experience of village life. You can explain yourself also. Ok, drop it.

What I was telling you. My hobby. From my childhood I like to read. When I was a student of primary school.My elder brother used to gift me a monthly magazine. I used to read it attentively than my text book. I used to go to field in the afternoon and read it silently in quite place. On every Eid Festival it had published a special copy. I eagerly waited for it. When I got it, it seemed to me, I got much more than my Eid dress. However for living a village I never got the chance of reading so many books. I have thirsty mind for reading book. Sure, those are outside book not the text book.




Are you feel boring to listen it? May be you were deprived of a good book. Or you were stay with your text book only. But who had good and interesting book he would never feel boring with a book. I am a bookworm. When I am telling you about reading book, obligingly I have to admit, I am telling about book with biased perspective.  Sure, I am also used to feel boring with my text book. But without text book, if you give me some travelling story, biography, history, detective story or any historical I will be pleased. However, as hobby people do not read book as it is beneficial for them rather it is their own choice spending leisure. They are fond of book. However reading book is considered as most salutary hobby. Reading a book can give you unlimited.

As a hobby why reading book is so beneficial for you?


Expands your outlooks:

By reading book you will met with lots of new things. There are lots diversify subject. Certainly those help you to broaden view point.


Improvement of memory power:

When you are reading a book you have to remember some character, behavior, variation of character, background, plot of story. Though you never try to memorize, it happens automatically in your brain. So, your memory power will enhance if you are a regular reader.


Removing the limitation of time period:

May be you are young boy of this decades.” How beautiful the day was! How much in pleasure we would spend!” When you listen from your grandfather! Certainly you feel grief, Am right?  But why do you feel sorrow? You can be a time traveler. When you have a good book of history you will surpass many years ago of your birth. Book remove the impediment of time. You can visit any time period by reading a book.

Enhances the power of imagination:

May be you started to read a book. If you sit in the actor of the character what will be happened with you. Can you think? Sometimes I do it. For a while you can be the princess, for while you can be the actor. When I read the novel saimum serirs I felt me Ahmad musa, when I read The Coral Island Felt me Ralpah Rover. Really it is adventures also. When you feel like that your imagination power will be increase.


Enriches your stock level:

May be you are very poor to express yourself, why? Lack of vocabulary in your language. You cannot play with words when you write something. So, you can focus on reading book. It will very effective. A standard level of vocabulary certainly help you to express yourself fully.

There is no substitute of reading book.


Meet with great people’s mind:

You have no opportunity to visit a famous writer or any legend of the world. No, problem. Just open the page of book. A lots of great people, their thought, opinion waits for you. If you have no money to buy a book even you should not worry, technology makes it so easy for you. Just your smart phone and little internet is enough. Even though it makes so easy, wherever or whenever you stay you can read a book. Only by reading book you can learn about every corner of the world.


An intimate friend:

May be you have no good friend. You do not want to wastage your time by useless frequentation with naughty boys. So, you can pick up a book on your hand. Hope, it never hurt you. Your leisure will be happiest moment of your life. A book only gives you good something. Where you never expect always from your friend. Situation can make him harsh to you but not book.


You can be smart:

Are you astonishing? Yes, you can be the smartest people by reading book. Now a day’s people are going to forget to read book. Reading is always considered a noble hobby. For your smartness it is very necessary to know much more rather than your stylish dress up. I do not say, your dress up should not be tidy. But without knowledge your dress up is value less. We have to admit that now our young even the boys are keeping priority to use cosmetics than reading and acquiring knowledge. Really it is pathetic. Only knowledge can adorned you perfectly. So, read book, decorate you by the ornament of knowledge. Be smart.


Removing stress:

You are passing a busy day. Sometime you feel so much bore with your monotonous work. Lots of adulteration and personal problem torment you. You can sit with a book. For a while you feel it is assuaging your mind. You feel light than before.


Getting inspiration:

You are feeling dull, everything has lost. You have nothing rest for life. Lots of inspirational book can be your choice. I can tell about the “Wings of Fire” An autobiography of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. There are lots of inspirational book in the market. You have no time. No, problem. Just browse on internet. Those words of writer are so much powerful which make your mind strong within moment. A good book help you to back you again.


Book is food of your soul, you never quit it. Read book, be smart and wise. Lightened you and lightened the world.

No more today.


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