Reality of friendship and test of patience

Think before doing something

If you think that are shocked by any best friend of you then definitely have to read this story for augmenting patience and reducing your anger.

For leading a life and surviving in the competitive world you have to tolerate huge unexpected issue and behavior. yes, some will be light and some will be major that is happening with us everyday here and there.The reason of that we should build ourselves as forgivable persons and forgiveness is the great virtue of human beings you know..Sometimes forgiveness brings for us better result and uundesirable something positive that’s why we should wait for getting better result by forgiving others. I love to forgive others and love to disclose enemy but I abhor disguise enemy a lot. What I wrote in my heading and what I am writing, sorry for that, let’s go to the main point.

They were best friends each other. The name of those friends were Niloy and Roney.
One day two friends were walking through a desert. After a while they had a misunderstanding between them about an useless issue. They both are angry a lot with each other. In that time suddenly one friend (Niloy) slapped the other in the face.The incident made him very shocked and he decided not talk with his friend(Roney) and he was going to write something about the incident on the sand that happened with him.

He wrote, today my best friend slapped me.

After that they were walking until the found any oasis. Finally they got an oasis and getting ready to take a bathe.The one friend who was slapping before got stuck in the quicksand and started going down.This vital and danger time Niloy saved him though he slapped him a few minutes ago.After releasing this danger and love from him he wrote on a stone!!!!!!

Today my best friend save

my life.

After seeing this scenario curious mind of friend who slapped and saved life his friend asked him when I hurt you you wrote on the sand and now you wrote on a stone after saving your life why?

Then the friend who was sufferer replied.
When someone hurts us then we should write it down on the sand so that the wind can erase it away.But when someone does something good for us then we should engrave it on a stone so that, so no wind can erase it.

Moral of the story, what?
We should forget the unexpected issue that are happening surrounding of us every day and night and forgive them who didn’t do something negative intentionally. Definitely we have to write down this issue that are happening with us in the danger time positively.we should not forget this memory never and ever.

I don’t know what you have achieved after reading this short story but I learnt huge things from this story. Story was short but its hidden explanation was so long like poem of Rabindranath Tagore. Don’t forget to write the opinion of you and moral of the story view point of you.

All the best search English group and members and especially Razib Ahmed sir.

Keep writing, keep fighting, keep on speaking
Receive desire success of you.

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