Sample Complain letter, always be formal in your expressions.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I feel the need to bring to your attention an issue I have with the manner in which you stage your products. Allow me to elaborate.
Last week, while shopping at your west end location, I noticed that your center was playing an extremely graphic movie to demonstrate the visual capabilities of a new television model. The day I was in your store, my children were exposed to the violence you allowed to be screened. I am aware children are not your company’s target market, but you have
to acknowledge that they do visit your stores regularly with their parents.
I trust you can empathize with my situation. Thus, I am expecting you to take immediate action by changing the material you use in your displays. I am also expecting you to reprimand the members of your team responsible for allowing such an oversight to happen.

Your timely attention to this matter is needed,


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