Search English 100days journey

Peace be on you .How are you all pretty fellows? Hope all are well by the grace of omnipotent Allah. I’m also so so . I express my thanks to our dear Razib Ahmad sir due to create the excellent Search English Group. At the same time he is bringing some new ideas here for our greater interest. Now a days he has given us first 100 days target. From very beginning he is giving each day’s task to bring the tendency of our reading habit . At the same time he is caring us to continue our journey rhythmic way as well as fruitful. I’m very pleased to say that I’m completing my regular task with so nicely. Today is our 8 th day  journey. I’v finished it satisfactorily. Now I’m getting preparation to read my another task. I believe that it will possible to complete every upcoming target Inshallah. Please pray for me to continue my task so nicely. I also pray for you . Allah Hafiz.

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4 thoughts on “Search English 100days journey”

  1. sultan mahmud sobuj

    Yes,dear.100 day challenge is a milestone who accept this program. I strongly believe that it enhances our knowledge,increase the motion of reading, habituated with reading. As a result he/she become be patience.

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