Search English And My Achievement

Assalamu Alaikum Owa Rahmatulllah

My dear group mates, What’s going on?

May be you all are fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. And it’s Boishakh the bangla month running you all are enjoying both the flavour of summer and rainy session because of it’s heavy strom at night and heavy heat in the day time.

By the way, You all are may be busy with Search English reading content because right now, all members are busy with reading in the website. Hope that, you all are also enjoying your times on reading.   Now, I’m here before you to write something about my achievement in Search English and it’s only for you to make yourself more inspirational and passionate in Search English.

Okey, it’s time to write. What actually we mean by learning English?

Yes, You are well known about it but I’m writing you again. What I mean by learning english is getting skilled in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Here in this post, I’ll illustrate how Search English helped me to get such skill by spending times with the lovely platform. Before going there, I want to thank Razib Ahmed sir who created this amazing platform for ordinary people like me to make ourselves skilled in english for our betterment in future.

Actually, In this critical time of the world, it’s quite impossible to find such altruistic people who aim to help other people without getting benefit. We are really grateful to Sir and I’m showing my full reverence to your from my heart for this lovely platform. And I’m lucky one who got a such altruistic man as my mentor. May Allah Bless you Sir.


Oh yes, We were talking about improvement. Now, it’s time to say something. The Daily Star, One of the most leading English daily newspaper in Bangladesh. I know it that, only a very few people are here who daily read this daily newspaper. Yes, it was also a tough fact to me to read the daily star.

There arw two causes behind it –

1. I was weak enough to read the newspaper because they use a thousands of critical words in there article

2.And the another reason is, I was so much impatient that I don’t want to read the longer article patiently even I don’t think that I could read through a newspaper.


But joining within one month in search English I could do it easily. Do you want to know how this could be possible? Some of you may got it because it happens only for commenting. Razib Ahmed sir advised us to write more comments as more we can. Though I joined here many times ago but I get to know or realise the hidden meaning of this commenting process many days later. Finally, I was serious in commenting before one and a half months ago. I read almost every posts as much I can and tried to do a comment there. On that process, I got a nice reading havit and was get some new vocabulary words daily. Just think it that, if you read 30 posts a day then you must read around 20,000 words and I’m damn sure that, In this 20,000 words there must be 50+ new words. And these new words will help you to have a nice vocabulary and reading 30 posts daily will capable you to know different views of writers and Thus you will a get patience to read. This patience will help you to read longer posts. You know, Now a days, We ae getting so much posts here which contains 1000+ words and this will must help you to make you patient in reading. Another think is, Now Search English launched a new platform named reading website where you can read many contents, stories and motivational posts from it which will capable you to gather many new words and obviously you will be able to get more patience. I was also astonished when I first read the newspaper. You may face some new words but it would be only 10-20%, not more than. So, dear mates, Remove all your hesitation and start reading, You could be successful to have a better reading still.



Now turning to writing skill.I was really incapable to write 100 words in the comment because of my fear and shyness. Also I was in weak in English becase of my poor grammar skill. Every times, I was afraid that I could mistake and this fair makes me abstrain from writing in english. But after joining here, I could get to know my faults and started writing skipping my fear. I tried to do follow Razib Ahmed sir’s instructions and do comment in several posts. Honest to say you that,Within two weeks, I was able to do post of 1000+ words. Then, within a month, I was able to write down 6400+ words containing post in search english. And this happens because of the Search english group and amazing guidelines of Razib ahmed sir.



And it’s time to say the most important part of learning english and that’s are about Listening and Speaking skill. I was listened to many english songs, watched many English movies and many youtube videoes in the previous time but didn’t get any expected result both in listening and speaking. Then, I get to know that the group is also running a audio conversation over Goto meeting app every nights. I was first joined to the adda after passing 3 days listening them and was permitted to introduce me. But because of my poor skill, I wasn’t able to present myself there. I listened for 7 days just giving my introduction on the adda but suddenly I joined in the 8th day and was talked a little bit. Really, you will be amazed to hear it that all he members who used to join there in the audio adda are so much cooperative and they they helped me too much to get on how should I delivery my sppech to my listener and how should I talk. Also, I listened to Razib vaiya there and his advised which helps me to do a change. I was a regular listener there. And finally after passing two weeks there, I found my improvement and now I can make conversation easily with anyone anytime in english. And all thses skills helps me a lot in my academic studies.


As a university student now the class lectures are seems easier to me and now I can get my class lectures in a very easy way and this happened only for search english.I get to learn how to work hard this group seeing other members hard work for English. Also, My mentor Razib Ahmed sir who used to work 15-18 hours a day which really inspired me to do hard work.


My Dear friends, I won’t my writing as I planned to finish it within 1000 words but may be it already extended. Here, I just mentioned my success to make yourself more regular, attentive and more serious for Search English group and this post is not for any pride related writing. So, Don’t take It otherwise.

Pray for me.

May Allah bless you all.

Happy Learning.

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3 thoughts on “Search English And My Achievement”

  1. salman

    You have improve a lot. Obviously it comes for the sake of your devotion. Who have got the plat form like SE they will be skilled today or tomorrow. It needs only a persistent mind. Thanks

    1. Hadi

      Yes vaiya.
      Thank you so much for your praiseworthy comment.
      really, it’s important for every members to spend their times with search English who really want skill in english.
      All the members who are spending their times will get their success.

  2. Mohammad Nasir Uddin

    Search English is one of the most effective group in my life.It has such a group that inspires us to express our hidden talent.The most credit of its goes to brother Razib.It has already made us understand that none can learn without making mistake.Most of us would fear of making mistakes. Now we realise that there is no shame & sin in making mistake without willing.We can’t write a few lines.But we have started to gigantic post.We sometimes can’t trust that we are written massive post.Thousands of people cling to SE to improve themselves in English.The successful story of ours is begger description. I joined SE about 2 months.The date when I joined SE I can’t’ call up that date exactly. What have I got joining SE is losing fear in writing, writing massive post,losing fear in making mistakes.I got that I am a human being .So I can make mistakes.I am not above mistakes. I got the spirit that one needs most in learning.I got confidence that I could be able to improve myself in English. That’s all for today.Stay well .Thank you.

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