“Search English” is The Definition of My Improvements

Just three months ago I was not so serious about my future or career. But from childhood I was not a careless student at all. In 2014 I worked hard for getting chance to admit myself at any public university. But unfortunately I failed to admit myself at any public university. Then with a distressful mind I admitted myself at a private university which name is ‘The Millennium University’ on BBA program.
Then I got another distress because the whole course books are written in English. Because I was not so comfortable to read any book written in English by foreign writer. Besides that I also had to make three assignments and presentations in every semisteers and still now I have to do it until finishing my BBA program. I was just passing my semisteers without putting any effort as a average student. But three months ago I got a turning point from Search English fb group. Very first time I was not believing on the words of Razib Ahmed sir, that only by writing 20 or 30 comments in every day one can be become fluent in English. But after few days I saw some tremendous success stories of Partho Pratim Mozumdar and Bishaws brothers. Then I started to realize that by practicing, I also can improve my English skill.

For fifteen days I spent here so many times by writing comments, by reading posts and by writing post also. After 15 days I noticed surprisingly that I have become more fluent in English. One can think that by this group we can only improve our skill of writing and reading but what about speaking, what should I do ? Yeah, there is a another feature of this group name is ‘Audio Adda’ and another surprising thing is that you need not to do any cost to be a member of the adda. If you can be able to be a regular member of the adda, then you will feel that it’s a another world which will give you some awesome experience is no ‘Vejal’. Everyone is ready to help you and inspire you.
The most helpful and inspirational person of this group is our honorable Razib sir, who is the founder of both Search English and ‘Audio Adda’. I never saw any person who can inspire and encourage other as much. For the magic of audio adda now I can speak in English. Though still now I makes many mistakes while I am speaking. But I don’t bother, because now I am in initial stage to acquire the skill of speaking in English and I got the fluency this is the key.

I think this group and audio adda are made based on a well known proverb that is, “Practice makes perfect”. If anyone spend some hours in this group according to instructions and guidelines , then he or she will be succeeded. Now there is many rising stars can be found at audio adda. Mir Zahid brother is one them. Now we can call him as a hero of audio adda. Just one month ago he was very much armature but now he have become more fluent than others. Because he worked hard and he was so much dedicated. He has proved that how much improvements one can get from Search English and ‘Audio Adda’.

As Zahid vai many young stars like Asmot vai, Hadi vai, Rafi vai , Mahiuddin vai (including me) got the inspirations to be self motivated.
Now I will describe about achievements of my and other hard working persons. Actually I started getting achievement from here within 15 days after joining in this group. At the very first time I was not able to write any comments more than 2 or 3 sentences at a time. But after spending times here regularly according to instructions of Razib sir, I surprisingly realized that now I can write many comments which contain more than 20 or 30 sentences ! Then I tried just keep practicing here and I became more serious about Search English and ‘Audio Adda’. My recent achievement is that now I can prepare my assignments by myself without any type of copy-paste.

That’s a huge thing for me. Now I can get more information and data by reading many articles and blogs through google for my assignments. But reading any article from internet was so boring for me just two or three months ago. So, there is another hidden matter is happening subconsciously that being a regular member of Search English group, I have become to able to acquire the valuable habit of reading. Now I can understand the gist of any articles after reading it. So my interest is increasing day by day to read any interesting and necessary articles. That’s a huge change which is made by Search English group.
Finally few days ago I got two unforgettable achievements from Search English group. First one I felt when I saw my name in list of writers for upcoming writing section, sorry not upcoming but it’s has already made by Razib sir . And interesting thing is that I am writing the article for this section.
The second achievement I got when my course teacher Ibrar sir said that , “You did a great job. Your presentation was so different and nice than others”. In previous semesters the teacher never appreciate me in that way. It’s a great achievement for me. After hearing that I felt that, I have become able to up my level one step more for the path of success.
Now I have to tell about ‘Audio Adda’ which is a awesome feature of Search English made by our honorable Razib sir. Just a short journey of one month with ‘Audio Adda’ made something possible which was impossible for me before. Because now I have become more confident and fluent in speaking English. Ten or twelve days ago my mother noticed me surprisingly and said that, how did you get this level of fluency in English as a student of English medium ?? Her question brought so much happiness for me happy. If you realize that you need to be well skilled in English then you can join with Search English. Because here many owesome features are waiting for you without any cost.
Thanks to all.

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2 thoughts on ““Search English” is The Definition of My Improvements”

  1. Search English, brain child of honorable Razib Ahmed sir, is like a magic lamp that consists of a giant who fulfils wishes of others. Here we all are to fulfil our wish and our wish is to be skilled in English. So, how can we fulfil our wish? Procedure is very simply. We just need to scratch the lamp, that means to write more and more comments to get rid of all sorts of mental inertia. Then the giant will come out from the magic lamp and will fulfil our will, that means will will find the real improvement in us and we will be able to fulfil our wish and dream.

    Everyone comes to Search English with a view to being skilled in English and get expected benefit within very short time by being serious with practising here regularly.

    Thanks for your excellent write up.

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