Sharmen Begom: A story of a wife who became the victim of domestic violence

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He had an affair with one of the wealthy people’s daughter during our relationship at the end of the eleven ours. For that reason we couldn’t capable to sustain our prolong relationship. We’d not satisfaction as well as pleasure for his another engagement with that girl’s who was an enormous family daughter. Everyone wants to happy family, happy life, happy situations
I also wanted to be so much happy .I couldn’t get the happiness. Whatever we’d not any kind of happiness because of his finance for another girl’s. To be a good familiar wife’s needs some specific properties that was surrounded in mine life for him. On the other hand, to be a well and unprecedented spouse or husband requires some fundamental criteria or characteristic for his wife’s that was not present in his mind & in his life. He had an unauthentic knowledge about the marriage. To reject a marriage woman’s wasn,t so much tenacious matter or assiduous for him. I was so much resourceless or hopeless because of mine father’s wasn’t well to do in the society that’s why most of the time I’d to endure him as well as his unbearable vilify also. I’d no way to exceed this circumstance. I was suffering from intolerable compassion because rural society couldn’t able to build a barricade about wife’s torture. Only they can recommendations how to spread pithy, how to manifest the tolerate power in mind. I think, our vicinity villagers were good for nothing for the kindles women’s. They had so much responsibility but to my astonished, they couldn’t manage to excel this situation. At the bottom of my inner heart, I can say that I’d become foiled to tackle that moments. Whatever, not only he was biting me but also ignore me from his endearment .Most of the time I couldn’t able to receive him in nights because he always was absent from me for another attraction .Everyday & every night I’d to wait for him to get very closet but I was frustrated to get him in my life. As a husband, he had no headache about me. Every time I noticed that he was passing his enjoyable time with that girl’s. I used to love him so much that’s why I couldn’t able to inform him about his supreme bad habits. Society had no any responsibility about marriage women’s around the whole country. It seemed to me that to be female in the society is so difficult course & to be a wife is so much supreme course. It’s easy to born as a female child’s but it’s not so easy to grow up as a mature female child’s around the civil society. Now we’re separated with each other from two years. Now I’m jovial, I’m not to take any kind of torture as well as mental agony or irritates from him. I’m doing hard work & struggle a lot of with my fortune to change the life. I’m Sharmen Begom. I’m from Pirgoang upazilla, a village under Dinajpur district….Age (27)…

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