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This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

I’m Asmot Ali. I’m a student of veterinary & Animal Science medium. I’m from Shohid Tajuddin Ahmed hall, at Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology university, a university on the bank of Dhapa river near bamboo market in Dinajpur district. I’m so much busy with my academic curriculum. For this reason, sometimes I can’t manage my time properly to do something better for my career or others activity in the modern as well as competitive era. Today is the day in my life, I’m so much happy because of end of my academic exam. From on 30th April’s in 2k17, I have passed my all of time with different kinds of exam for taking good mark from my teachers as well as getting certificate also from university authority. For my exam purposes I couldn’t able to do any kinds of effective activity for my life. That’s why from today’s in our university not only I’m but also my all of friend has gotten a lot of entertainment & leisure time for showing extraordinary toil behind their own life & own career. From today our all of exam has finished till Eid festival. That’s why I’m so much glad & happy. Because finally we’re veterinary students in our campus got some leisure time for passing freely without taking any kinds of pressure from academic curriculum. Still now I’ve no enormous pressure about my exam that’s why from tomorrow I can utilize my precious time by doing unusual & extraordinary toil something. Inshallah everyday I’ll write here well something for my own satisfaction. Whatever, today was the precious day for our family because of some mourning matter had happened seven years ago. In January, 2010 my grandfather’s had died due to tuberculosis diseases. From that time every years our family members arrange an occasion I mean’s “”Melat mahfil “”. Our family arrange this occasion for praying my grandfather peace of soul as if he gets a lots of sowab from Allah by our prayer that’s why today was that day for our family. My family arranged the Milat for my grandfather appease or peace of soul. During that milat session some of our relatives, neighbor had come and they observed this day with my all of family members. Yesterday, my thirds uncle called me for giving invitation as if I can go and celebrate this Melat with all of them. But to was my astonished that I couldn’t proficient to go for observe the day with them because of my extreme & successive or secular academic exam. That’s why I was suffering from critical headache as well as extreme pain during evening time. I have prayed a lot for my grandfather as if Allah gives him Jannat. On the other hand I want to say something about my grandfather; He was so much familiar & garrulous person in our family. He could capable to make conversation with each other easily by his volition power. His smile was so much attractive & cheerful for all of us. His some outstanding diligence activity shivering our minds because one side my grandfather was so much dexterous. Most of the villagers & prolong distant people was so much well known to my grandfather faces because my grandfather was so much experts on Kabaddi game during that time. He was playing kabaddi with different kind of oppositions party is in different areas under our Dinajpur district. Above all he was so much precious person in our family. I love him a lots. Every time I pray for my grandfather as if he can gets the Jannat from Allah.May Allah fulfill our desirable hope. Thank you everybody I’ll request to you guys please you’ll pray for my grandfather peace of soul…..With Nur islam nur

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  1. i am suborna.i am from Barisal. but i have been lived in Dhaka since 2009 for my graduation.i had never seen my grandfather. beceause he passed away before my father marriage. my mother also didn’t see him.but i am listened many things about him from everyone. He was so much powerful and also well known to all.everyone frightened by him.He was so much popular in our locality. however may Allah give peace in soul of him….

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