Slow & Steady Wins First

Assalamualaikum everyone .
Hope you are all very well by the grace of almighty Allah.
I have learned more & more tricks how to learn, speak, write in English from this group. That’s why why I want give thanks to all the admin of this group & finally want to a big thanks to the mentor, the founder of this group, our dear Razib Ahmed sir. I’m very happy to joining this group. I’m feeling very good to staying here, to read others posts, to write comments, to introduce other people of this group.
Also want to give thanks dear sisters & brothers who are always helps to each other. They always welcomed here for practicing fearlessly, they always cooperated to the others, they always inspired for doing practice. Some new members are didn’t understand that if we noticed any one’s mistake then he/she get conflict by mind. Sometimes he/she became slow to practice by pointing mistake, then they may be got afraid if I do mistake again then anybody will notice it & inform me, so I shouldn’t do any mistakes.
That’s why it’s not a good way to learning.
Our mentor Razib sir adviced us to do practice regularly without fearing mistakes. Don’t point out to the others, what she/he is doing right or wrong, also inspire him. After few days he/she understand her fault own self automatically if he/she give time here continuously .
Today I saw a video post of Alamgir viya, which posted in search English group. That video he advised us more important things, his speaking is very good.. He can speak fluently.. He did some mistakes but the mistakes got coverd by his fluency, confidence,smartness . I astonished to watching & hearing his vedio post..
Alamgir vaiya said that, we have to give notice to the more words writing not in the more comments.
Basically we count the number of our comments ,where most of the comments we write, awesome, good post, thank you, congratulations , well done etc. He said more that we have to enlarge our sentences day by day. We have increase our comments more than 3/4 sentences.. & day by day write more.
One more words he says read your comment again after writing. & read the others comment.
We have to cooperate with each other by giving inspiration,
Let’s practice more & more continuously.. Don’t get leave from here, from practicing…
“slow & steady wins first ”
That’s all for the time being.
Allah Hafiz.

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7 thoughts on “Slow & Steady Wins First”

  1. Bilash Sarker

    Yes dear apu, which day I join Search English group than our honorable sir told me so that I carry on my practice but I carry on practice few day here. After a few days I stop my practice as result my condition is very bad now.

  2. sultan Mahmud sobuj

    Yes,we have to enhance our comment. If yoh don’t understand properly afterword read again & then comment. Because comment is our best weapon to improve writing. If we can write well,then we can good at speaking & for speaking purpose we have to join in SEG workshop.

  3. Thanks Apu for your good direction to learn English. I am a new member of this group .I had read many post from this group but I didn’t write comment .But now I understand that what benefit from writing comment for every post. It will helpful for learn English.

  4. Thanx apu.
    Thanx for this post
    Thanx rajib sir
    N all the members
    I really love this group.
    I feel really all the post telling my problems
    N how I get the salution.
    Now I m fearless .
    N I believe after 1 month I m confident n comfortable in English

  5. You are doing excellent in learning English which reflects in your writing. Search English every people are very cooperative and so helpful through their comments.

  6. Yes apu, I read your post and try to comment here. I hope I joint here then i dont understand i read all post and comment thanks, very good etc. but now i do courage bit comment thanks Razib Ahmed Sir. Please prayer for me as i practice continue and can my English skill developed.

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