Some friendship may be made in heaven.

Dear Nishat,

How are you? Hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. I know you always happy and you have everything to become happy. I am also happy and doing great in my studies by your prayer. What is about your Mom and dad? Few days ago I heard from some of my friends that you have become aunt. Congratulation and best wishes to your nephew.


Do you know Nishat, how much I miss you? You never know because I never expressed it. I really missed our school days. Our long time gossiping. We Burst out laughing at any nonsense topic and pulled others leg. Do you remember those days? How colourful the days were?  You and me always sit beside and tried to being polite in front of teachers. When the teachers had gone, we started our laughing. Most of the teacher loved us. I believe they still remember us for our naughtiness.


How much talkative we were. Now we have no topic to communicate. We just start our conversation with few words and sometimes we have no words to continue. Maximum time we never say goodbye. You never wait for my reply or knock and I am also not. How much busy person we have become? How easily we avoid each other even in Facebook. We act like we are busy but actually we are not. Most of the time, I read your status. Sometimes I write comments in comment section but cannot press enter or send button. Don’t know why. May be I like to remain silent.

You might be joules that I always gave maximum attention to my old friends. But true is that there is no friend in my life like you. I know you will never believe. But I have to confess that in this letter. There is no friend treat me like you. Still now i believe it. Some friendship may be made in heaven. You and mine friendship is like that.


When I sit to write the letter the first name that came to my mind it was you. There is something connection between you and me. Believe me I still never find any friend like you. Every day when I pass CDA 1 no road, I wish that I could see you. I look at that place where I waited for you. But I never see you. There is no one waiting like me for her friend.


I don’t know how many years I will alive? But I can say that I will remember you till the last day of my life. Yes dear, it’s me your old school and college friend. Wish you best of luck for your bright future. Stay healthy and keep smiling.


Your lost friend

Sharmin Alam Tosi

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