Some Instructions of Reading

Assalamu Alaikum.
What’s up, friend Bonaf? Hope you are well by the Marcy of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am well.

I know that you accept a new mission called 100 days challenges. And for this, you try to best to complete your daily task every day. It increases your reading habit
Ok, Now I cite to you about the importance of reading. Without reading you never do better. Because in the higher label most of all used English. So to understand better, you need to best skill in English. You get this skill by reading. So reading is the must. You can read the website, follow the personal blog, English storybooks, daily papers and so on.

To read properly you can follow some instructions. Such as:

When you read, you will be aware of your reading speed. You try to increase reading speed gradually. You read by heart, not mouth, understand by the mind. Never read loudly. There are a lot of problems with loudly reading. You never can read a lot of time if you read loudly. You feel tiresome, boring. So you need to read without loud. And you can read a long time.

Eye reading:
Eye reading is a method of speedy reading. You just see the word and try to understand. It is very easy to read. It increases your reading speed. Though the first day you can not develop it, day by day you can gradually. So start from today read all by eye reading method.

Avoid Dictionary:
Yeah, you read and see the right word, avoid dictionary. We learn the language. For diversity every time we use varieties words. So how many words you search in the dictionary or do your all-time move with the dictionary? It is not possible to take dictionary all-time, everywhere. So form today you start English reading without seeing the word in the dictionary. To see the dictionary is a boring matter. So reading time you avoid it. In your professional life, there you will find a lot of unknown words. How can you vis-à-vis this situation with your colleague?

Read a lot:
Read as more as you can. Read every day not only academic books but also all kinds of books. It increases your knowledge, gives more strength, understanding power, improves the speed of speaking, writing, and imagining. The more you read you can learn hugely. So read a lot.

Guess the new word and note it, guess it. When you get the time you can match it. The first time you mistake all but day by day you can proper guess because you can understand the full sentence.

Reading, make it is your habit. Every day read and read. The difference between the rich and the poor people that the rich are reading books and the poor are watching television. So read more and you can learn hugely from reading.

It is your foremost and first duty to ensure regularity. If you are not regular, you never do well. So read regularly as more as you can. Every day if you have more time, you can spend reading 10 hours. As your practice times, you invest your time in reading. Who are busy to others work can give time here in 2 or more than two hours.

Determine Causes:
Search the cause why you need to read? If you can determine the cause you can develop soon because that time you can understand the problem. For speaking, for writing, for passing in a competitive exam and others, which section will you want to develop? Everywhere you need to read. To determine the cause and read properly.

Target plan:
It is an important matter. How many days do you invest here? Forgetting a good result, you need first to set up a target. And work properly every day as you can develop in your target time.

Dream setup:
Also, set up a good dream. Without a dream you never do anything. The aim is very important to go ahead. So set up a dream. What do you want? What is your skill? After target plan where you want to go? If you find all the answers you can set up your dream. Work properly and fulfill your dream. Best wishes for all.

Thank a lot. Take care of yourself.

All the best.
Nazmun Nahar Nupur

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