Story of a girl who changed her life from prostitute to entrepreneur

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

I’d come here to earn foods for my family members before my teenager puberty grew time. I’d no notion about this place. I’d no want from here. I just wanted to get some foods for live. I wanted it because I’d to feed my family members. My father’s had no way to earn money because he was enervate persons. He’d lost his diligence power in an accident. After that he couldn’t earn any kind of foods for feeding us. We were three siblings in our family. She, my five years younger brother & I were so much resourcesless children as like orphans. We’d no way to live freely in the generous society because my sister & I were growing rapidly. Many villagers were disturbing of me & her. They were wanting to take the taste of our adolescent. Their main target were using our body. They were creating additional pressure for us. On the other hand we’d no freedoms place to live without fear & dread. We’d fallen in a horrible circumstances. We’d no earn to feed our ailment father’s. That’s why my sister went to earn money from long distant place. From now & then I used to go with her for seeing the earning location. When I used to sat near outside of the room, I noticed, a lot of unknown youth & aged gentle persons used to come & go within one hours, someone used to out within thirty minutes from her room. At that time I couldn’t able to perceive, what was happening with her?. I’d no ABC knowledge about there. I’d no idea that there can be occurred any different thing. I’d asked to my sister, Why do they come here? How do you earn money from them? He couldn’t reply. He was sentenceless at that time to me. At that time she’d no another choose for earning money. That’s why she’d taken it as a money earning profession. Whatever, after hearing all speech from her. I’d become involved because I wanted to earn money as like her. For that reason I’d come to income some obsesses money for accumulating her credit. Yes, That way income wasn’t proper way for us but at a raw we’d no another choose. Day after day surrounding & neighbors were leaved us. We were becoming along. They gave us an endurable title that we’re prostitute. Yes, we were. Why were we prostitute? Why had we taken this way for earning money? At tough situations, nobody didn’t come forward to help us. On the other hand they wanted us in their solitary room as if they can consume our youth. Now they gave us we were prostitute women in society. Whatever, we’d tried to get out from their. We were wanted to get freedom life for living with family. Sometimes I was crying towards my sister. My sister said that inshallah we can get rid of this place within very short time. After long time latter we could able to get out from prostitute house.

Whatever, now we’re freedom under open enormous sky. We’ve no mammoth demands on our fortune. After getting independent from there, we were trying to be example under the civil solitary society. We’d tried to become well to do family. At first we started to do something technical for getting extra income. At bottom, We’d brought two stitch machine for earning money. Inshallah,we became to tenacious toil behind our obtuse & weakness family. We wanted to exceed out poorness from family. As usual we had to work day & night with our fortune. We had to fix, we’ll be well known persons in society. However, now we’re becoming well known by our extraordinary assiduous. Now, we’ve established a small industry. where nearby 50 people are earning money to live freely without taking kindness from another persons. We know, we’ve become entrepreneurs under our village areas. Those people’s who abuse us about naughty languages can access the authenticity of our life. we’re earning money day by day from our workplace. Nobody can’t speak prostitute to us because now we’ re established in the country. We want to extend our industry where most of unemployment women’s can get the chance to work for feeding their beloved family.

..Collected from TV Channel program….


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  1. Nurul Karim Simun

    I have liked this outstanding post. they have overcome their poverty within a short time. they had done a great job. everyone should take this as a good uprising story. this story says, nothing is impossible for human. everything is going by the mercy of almighty Allah. thanks

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