Story of Jhorna Ray

This post has been written by  Asmot Ali:

I’m Jhorna Ray. Now I’m a widow’s in the salitary society . I was so much happy during our spouse life.I couldn’t think that any incident would happen with me. We were from kutubchori on the bank of river under Naniarchor upozilla, a village in the district of Ranghamati in the Southern zones of bangladesh.I was a student of engendering college under my beloved district.I was a effective & moderate talented student among all of my classmates in our class.I was so much friendly minded with all of my close classmates who was running with me in that educational institutions.We were very much active students during our institutional exam’s time because all of us vision were so much bright that we throught, we’ve to be well known person in the society, we’ve to be strong service holder’s by our educational background that we were gaining from our institutions with a view to.All of my friends & I were so much attentive with our study.From time to time we’d to discuss about different topics with our senior institution mates for taking notion about our exam’s matters. Because we were the first year’s engendering students in this college that’s why we’d no more concept about our exam’s how to be attained to the dextrous knowledge or clear concept about questions pattern.Whatever, We were preparing ourselves for upcoming exam’s. Ever & anone one of my senior brother was calling me to make conversation for long time by phone. However, I’d tried to exceed that situations because of my upcoming exam’s.I’d no ardent or eagerness for making speech with him by phone.I’d in mind that I’ve to study a lot for going or promoting second year’s that’s why I’d no time to think to take him with my soothy mine.Sequentially, we were preparing. At 9.30 PM my senior again had called me to wishe for my exam’s betterment.I was being so much happy after getting his wishes. What was the reason?.I wouldn’t know. But I’d become so much happiest than other moments.Undoubtedly, I can say about him to all of guys who’re reading my anecdotes. He was so well know & extraordinary properties person in our institutions.He’d no other bad habit. He was being crushed metter for me. After seing his generosity I couldn’t able to avoid him from my mind because of I’d already intoxicated to his deep love.I’d no way to ignore his look up. Whatever, I was passed that night by studing as well as thinking about himself. Next day I’d to sat part in my exam’s Holl. Before start exam’s schedule I went to take parts in my final exam’s.Whatever, by studing tenacious I’d finished all of my exam’s. That’s why from long periods we couldn’t able to making conversation by phone.After finishing our exam’s all of my beloved friends wanted to visit some traditional & historical place arround the country for getting obsesses entertainment as well as refreshment of mind.Whatever, according to their demands on they started to arrang the sessions for taking outstanding & splendid leisure tastes.Ther had called to all of basemates in a view to in front of our Accademic infrastructure building.Most of them wanted to go for taking extra pleasures from different kind of reputation historical locations. But to was my astonished, I couldn’t accept that opportunity for going to receive jovial with them in various visiting or tourist areas.Why didn’t I go?. Why couldn’t I accept that privilege?. Do you know?. May be all of you’ve known to that incident.Yes, guys all of you’re absolutely right.Your speech or think is correct about my notion.Yes,I didn’t agree with them due to his attraction.I was being addicted to him during the inauguration time. All of my friends tried to understand that we’re going in a view to but you don,t go with us. Why?. You should go with us because it is our first long journey from our institutions that’s why you ‘ve to go with us.They’d tried to agree but I couldn’t able to deliver my speech that I’ll go with you guys.I was so enervate with my senior brother. By the way they went to visit day after tomorrow. During that leisure time I’d met with him. We were passing our time by doing different activity in our educational institutions. Day after day we were addicted both each others. Sometimes later it seemed to me that I’d fallen in his innocent love for good. Our love had no any sort of documents black & while but our credit had so much strong. From that faith we were going so rapidly to the territory limitations for our love. During that time I’d no any type of suspect about him. May be the reason he’d no naughty habits.After initiative our relationship we wanted to marry. Though that conclusion was taken to both each others,I couldn’t able to blame him along. We were passing our spouse life so happy. Three years later, I’d heared some unexpected news from my neighboors.I means from my engendering classmates.He said to me about my bridegroom that he had fallen in an unbearable accident in the high way beside our Upozilla urban areas.I had lost my scene after hearing that news from my friends. After that I couldn’t able to tell anything what happened with me?.When my scene came again, I was crying so loudly because of seing his cadaver death body.I’d no way to do without cry. From that time still now I’m crying only for him.It seems to me that God have given to me some punishment for my faults. I would like him so much.I wish I were get you again in my life. I would never let him along for going outside. But fortune is so much ruch that’s why to get back, this thinking is really madness for me.Whatever , still now I’m spending my time to take his memory & feeling of deep loves.Though I’m a widow, I’ve no another demands on my life without his sign.To live along in the society sometimes Life is so much difficult to me. May Allah live long his souls…….

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