Story of Shahariar kobir

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

My father’s wasn’t proper facilities to take education from any sort of reputational institutes under that late-medieval earth’s. He wasn’t so much educated in his life because of poverty. By irritating of poverty problems even he couldn’t able to admit any educational institutions that was so very much bad luck for my father’s at that time when he was being perfect for taking education in his family as well as his adolescent life. Educational institutions couldn’t efficient to touch his lamient mind for arousing awareness as well as debase the darkness of inept in his placate & smooth life. At buttom of his periods, he wanted to admit to any kind of formal institutions near my grandfather ‘s native house. But for leak of my grandfather’s help, he couldn’t have admitted to the school, college, university & other learning platform for developing his obtuse knowledge. Because at that time to be educated it was so much tenacious for all of the middle classes people’s under the rustic areas. At that time around surrounding indigenous locality education was so much esoteric or recondite for all of group people’s who wanted to be expert on formal education from school, college as well as university. And As a naive or plain family to be educated it was so much difficult than other well to do families under the vicinity of that native areas. That’s why my most of family members were no formal education to perceive the reality of practical education during the competitive modern era. They’d no absolute privileges for being educated man on those kind of situations that we’ve gotten easily than them. Though now a day’s to be educated isn’t so compound toil for all of classes people’s under Bangladesh, we can’t do this easily because of our nonchalant & insouciance mind set-up. Above all I’m not at all from rich family. I’m Shahariar kobir. I’m from Nagorpara under 1 no words at kholospur union, a village in Dinajpur district. Whatever, Last year primary school certificate competition exam’s I’ve gained scholarship from our educational board under our union. I’m the only one student under our union who’ve achieved this award from Scholarship award committee. After getting this scholarship I’ve felt immeasurable glad because at the bottom of my initiative competition exam I’ve gotten this approval from selection scholarship organizations that’s why I’m so much fortunate that as a impoverish student I could able to tug the triumph from my hard studying. After seeing this increasement my family have become so much addicted about me. They could access the genuine practicality of education in life. I can say about my award isn’t only my success but also my whole family successes. Because, but for their outstanding & unusual help, I couldn’t have conquered the scholarship from my PSC exam. I’ve gotten this award only for my family exploitation because we’re so much patent family in the civil society. We are poor in the society. we’ve no vast opulent money. We’ve no extend fertile or barren lands for cultivating corps. My father’s is so poor. Everyday we’re to fighting with poverty. We’re to live hand to mouth. We’ve no dream to be rich but my father’s have a dream about me that I’ll be a good Administration officer Because My father’s couldn’t able to be educated person in his life due to game of poverty. But he wants to make me a educated person. He has taken me additional care of as if I can fulfill his dreams by my tremendous & unique results. Inshallah I always believe that I can do this diligence to be a good regime officer. Without poverty most of the persons are living in the salitary society. Though they’ve no shortage of daily necessity things in their vigorous life but they’ve the greatest leaking about study. Most of the well known family child’s couldn’t have attained this successed but I could earn this success. It’s my contribution about my life. Pray for me as if next steps exam I can show my performance and can fulfill my father’s dreams.

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