Tamim Iqbal : The Highest Scorer

A child was admitted to an English medium school in his earlier life for O’level with so many dreams that he will do a very good result in his future and he will do a very good job.

But the problem occurred when his guardian noticed that he was not interested enough in studying. He was  loved to play cricket rather studying.

A home tutor was kept for this reason to make his study easier but he was also failed to make him attentive to his lessons rather he found that his students was fond of cricket playing. 

He managed him and give him a cricket bat to play cricket privately without informing his family.

This was the starting of Tamim Iqbal who is now the carrying the largest amount of runs in his basket from Bangladesh Cricket Team. Tamim Iqbal already collected around 10,000 runs by his bat in his career life.


Do you know Nafis Iqbal?

He is the elder brother of Tamim Iqbal who was one of the best cricketer in Bangladesh Cricket Team in the past.

I can’t but share you a story which happened with Nafis Iqbal.

That time, Nafis Iqbal was in very good form in Bangladesh Cricket Team.

One day, He was doing practice in Shere Bangla Stadium in dhaka and was taking with some sport journalists who are familiar with him.

In the mean time,  Tamim was playing in the field and was in batting. Nafis was talking withthose journalistst about tamim that very soon his younger brother will play in national team and he was very much hopeful for it.

Suddenly, A running ball came to him and hit his mouth nearly his eyes and two bones was broken. Then, He was taken to hospital imedieatly.

The batsman who hit the ball was Tamim Iqbal who was the younger of Nafis Iqbal.

After some days later, Tamim got chance to play at the National Cricket Team While Bangladesh Team was in a country tour to Zimbabwe and it was before the World Cup Cricket of 2007.

He was also selected for playing the ICC world cup of 2007 by the committee of Faruk Ahmed who was his uncle.

There was a rumor at that time and said that Tamim only got the chance to play in the national time because of his uncle but later he had proved that speech and made the haters that they were wrong. Tamim was there in the national team by his ownqualificationn.


There was an aim to Tamim to play a match with his elder Nafis Iqbal but it didn’t come to true because of some injure to Nafis Iqbal. Nafis Iqbal was having a dream that people will know Tamim by his quality not only for his younger brother and Yes, His dream had accepted to Allah and now, People know Nafis Iqbal as tamim’s elder because of his quality.

Tamim Iqbal was born on 20 March 1989 in Chittagong at a precious family.

His full name is Tamim Iqbal khan,  His  father is late Mr. Iqbal  Khan and Mrs. Nusrat Iqbal is his mother.

Mr. Akram Khan is his paternal uncle and Nafis Iqbal is his elder brother.

He is a married cricketer and Ayesha Shiddika is his wife.

He has a cute baby child whose name is Mohammad Arham.

He married to Ayesha shiddika who was his girlfriend from the earlier time.

Finally,  they married at June 2013 with a very good family arrangements. Their baby child Arham was born on 28 February 2016.

He got a good support from his mother in the earlier time of his career and later after his marriage he is getting support from his wife ayesha.

He was grown up from a cricket family and as his father was also a cricketer so that he was trained to be a cricketer from his earlier time. Sometimes,  he father used to arrange some cricket tournaments to make his boys very good player.

Later,  Tamim also got training from his uncle Akram Khan and elder brother Nafis Iqbal.

He was also a student of BKSP where he got Shakib Al Hasan,  A former cricketer of Bangladesh Cricket Team and His best friend.

They both join to Bangladesh cricket team in the same time.

He played the final cricket match of Under-19 final which held in Srilanka on 2006 and later played to ICC world cup in 2007.

He played against West indies in 2009 while a Country tour by Bangladesh on the August of that year.

He was given to take the responsibility as Vice-Captain in 2011 and he also played the 2011 world cup cricket.

In 2012 when Bangladesh arranged asia cup cricket, he missed to play there because of typhoid.

Later,  When Bangladesh arranged a tour for west indies, Tamim played there with a good performance.


In 2014,  He also played at lord’s.


In 2015,  He also played at world cup cricket and later played at Pakistan when there was a home series.


In 2016,  When the ICC world T20 was going on that time he was highest scorer from Bangladesh with 103 runs by unbeaten.

He also played the ODI series happened against Afghanistan.


Lastly,  on 26 March 2017 he touch the apex of 10,000 runs first among all Bangladeshi cricketer in the ODI series against Srilanka at Srilanka.


Now, I’m writing about his 10,000 runs which made a great history to his life and made us proud.

Tamim has 3677 runs with 206 being his highest score by playing in 49 test match.

Tamim scored 1202 runs in 55 T20Is and  He scored 5121 runs in 162 one-day matches while playing for Bangladesh.

I’m about to finish my writing about Tamim Iqbal and now writing something which you must know about him.

Tamim had done his Omra hazz along with his family and with little Arham.

He is a very good helping hand to people and like to help people.

He has a very good relationship all the service holder in Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Every player of the former team take suggestion from tamim whenever they need help to buy a car or to buy a flat.

Also, They help everyone who contacts with him for helping hand.

He used to perform the Tahazzut Salat and do perform his compulsory salat as well.

There are a stories of his helping hand which is said by Farhan,  one of his friend.

Once,  He was awarded “Man of the match ” in a One-Day match and used to spend the whole money to farhan’s mother who was sick and needed some money for her operation.

He is very good people along with a very good cricketer.

But as Ups and Downs are part of our life, sometimes Tamim’s form become poor and that time people used to shout him a lot.

They used to shout him along with his family.

But he takes this as a source of inspiration.

He said that – “They love me very much that’s why they do it with me and I don’t mind for it “.

Saying some revilment to anybody also releases our family background.

So, We should do promise that we won’t say any revile to any cricketer or any players.

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  1. Taming is our proud.Because I am from Chittagong. He is a national hero of our nation.After reading this informative post I have known a lot of unknown story about tamim’s life and struggle. Taming is my favourite player.I am fond of his batting style. Whenever Bangladesh Cricket match held I was look forward seeing his batting. But everyone has ups and down of his life and career. When they faced worst time we shoud support them rather than revile..

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