Ten things we must know.

Ten mandatory things must know
Building the desirable life in future

You know what? Present world is completely depends on them who are expert.Every sectors have felt demand the expert persons. For living in the world with weight and love, respect then definitely we have to do innovative something. For growing up in the world wisely and leading the life with standard then surely we have to be proactive and advance thinkable about future.what may happen within ten years we don’t know, you know why because we are not proactive and we don’t have ability to advance estimate what is going to be happened withing twenty years or so on.But they were able to think about future you know who are they? They are living in our inner heart I mean they are still immortal because of forecasting ability of them.They were able to find the risk is systemic or unsystematic. Unsystematic risk is avoidable but systemic risk we have to face definitely for leading the life,conducting the business, doing the job because it’s equal for all but we should try to reduce this risk by using our brain power thinking of advance something. Oho what I am writing and what I mentioned my title
ok dear let’s go to the main point.

You know, the world going to the depends on computing and every work of office or another are done based on computer. For computing you have to know about the software very well.you can’t do any work in corporate level without gathering the minimum knowledge of software like
Microsoft word
Microsoft excel
And power point.
because every corporate job vacancy circular had been mentioned that you have to knowledge about these three terms minimum. If you did have this knowledge how you will overcome the first step of applying for the post.

2.Communication skilled:

In the present world without communication skilled we can’t think our life will be better. If you are not able to speak with others then how you will do the work that will be assigned to you from organization.
Many of the organization seek the better communication skilled persons for recruiting their organization.They mention the circular communication skilled is mandatory for applying this post or vacancy. Then how you will apply for the job without skillful of communication. Not only for doing job but also in every sector communication skilled is very important issue.so we should be concerned about it.

3.Networking :

Networking is the most crucial or vital poin or issue of our life.The world is being digital and all activities being digital based that’s wwhy we have to be digital.How we can be digital and close to each others.The Internet makes everything very easier to maintain the communication with one another. However, any cost or any how we have to maintain and build networking in every sector because what for making familiar us in every sector that will be helpful for us a lot for getting the job and conducting the business also.

4. Presentation skilled :
You know about vision of Bangladesh in 2021.yes,we are developing rapidly and technology also augmenting and country in going to be depends on technology. Every sector will feel need of presentation skilled employees because they will want to describe about their product or organization in the world market. As we are students presentation skilled is very needed for doing better at university level.Even, all of the company and corporate job sector select the employees for company taking the viva and presentation. That is why we have to be skilled in speech delivery and avoid nervousness at the time of presentation. Nervousness is the worst impediment of presentation and viva.For avoiding this obstacle we have to practice more and more.

5.extracurricular activity:
It is another important fact for improving ourselves as perfect in the present world.minded If you have a extra activity then definitely you will get the extra priority at the job sector
like,you are expert in excel, designing, computing, making video, convince power, teaching, speaking, writing, Powerpoint, photograph, editing, magazine writing , writing on newspaper , even reading, all will be considered as extracurticular activity that are fully out of your Syllabus. Yes,all activities are not perfect for all sector, it depends on sector wise which are you going to select. But all are needed.

6.personal profile:.
Personal profile of you can play a vital role for making or bringing better something in your life.If you use your personal profile I mean facebook,Twitter, imo,skype,messenger whatever you can use it properly for making you familiar and attractive.
Some of the organizations always visit the social media for finding the employees as active and skillful.
For that reason you can write or doing something better for augmenting the visitor of you profile.You can write something innovative in your profile.
You can public some proactive tthinking about the corporate world.

7.knowledge of corporate world:

If you want to be corporate job holder then definitely you have to know about the corporate level how they are growing, how they are conducting their business, how they are capturing market, how they are making customers attractive products, how they are following customers, how they do target the customers and which types product are producing each company or organization.
You can know about the market helping of website and internet.
You can visit their personal website and you can communicate with them orally going to the office even you have to wait hour after hour only for collecting some information about them but that may be turning point of releasing from curse of unemployment. That is why have know the corporate level even it will be helpful for taking viva exam.

CV represent you background and how much you are elegantly. Because cv is the first identy of you.so everyone should make cv with concentration and well decorated.
you should make cv very, it doesn’t matter you are students of first semester or last you should create a cv since first semester.And you have to edit cv after ending the evry semester,if you get something for editing except (cgpa)then you are improving undoubtedly but if you don’t then it surly proves that last four months you do nothing. It is the important scale of calculating improvement of ourselves everyday.

9.English :
There is nothing to say about the importance of English. I would like say just one sentence English, you know is an international language but I know English is a second language in the world and nowdays it is using as major language in every countries except very few countries. Within ten years we can’t anywhere without knowing English. All books of higher study are written in English, computer language in English, official all activities are conducting based on english, We have write everything in English at our university exam,All comparative exam is taking by English, Even mathematics is depending on English then how we can think life will be better, bright, smart, standard and easier without knowing of English. We have to face viva for getting the job you know how? Definitely in English without being fluence of English we can’t deserve a good job also. All experience you can gather from search English that I mentioned above. Search English already has proved it.

10. Need a mentor:

Anyhow or any cost you must manage a mentor for building your life in right way and getting the right direction.
you can build relation with a senior brother, neighbour,or university, or teacher because of obtaining the zenith of career. Without a mentor you can’t go ahead long way because of blunding of taking decisions. A guideline can change a life very easily. And a wrong decision can destroy a life and damage the all dream assiduous. We are so lucky already have got the mentor and getting some important directions everyday. He is one detector but we are huge students here are controlling by him even he didn’t feel tired never ever.Rether he says always I am ready to do everything for betterment of you without any condition.Then ask yourself how much lucky you are also me.Here in present world it’s quite tough to get a real teacher who is always ready to teach without any condition or benefit, who is ready to sacrifice himself for students but he is exceptional and unique one who is doing that rare working and going to prove, yes,Teaching is the noble profession. You know about whom I am telling, He is our mentor founder of search English, president of E-cab and teacher of approximately 195k
Dear beloved Razib Ahmed sir.

Thank you all for patiently reading the article ang making appreciate.

Keep on writing
keep on fighting
keep on speaking
making yourself perfect
Receive desire your disire success.

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