Thanking Razib vai for add me successful story



Dear Razib vai,

At first take my cordial  wishes. I am so happy that I can’t express you.The date of 8/5/2017 is my most memorable day, because  you added me your new category  successful story. Before joining  I don’t know  about  SEG.Gradually I understand  about this groups contribution. I practice here for improving  English. Day by day my improving  notable. You always inspired  us, side by side your expart all members  always  assist us. So in this way little knowing English member become a successful  member. Just like me.I never  think so fast I achieved this success. So again thank you, because all happened only for you. Now me add with successful story.But it means not,  I stopped here.A big duty fall on my shoulder, that I shall  learn  accurately. Not only writing skill, but also speaking, listening, reading skill I have to achieved me. So pray for me so that I learn properly.

No more today. With best regard to your parents.

Cincerely yours 



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