Thanks giving

Dear papiya,

At first take my heartiest love.i hope you are well by the grace of omnipotent allah.i am also well alhamdulillah!

Now come to has not been  so long we know each other.maybe you forget this incident when i first time notice you but i remember this day.i see you for first time in a girls group where i was a new comer in this group and you are familiar figure.mostly i used to saw that you are posting is a lots of thing in that group.sometimes i feel annoyed too cause that time i feel maybe the girl is good for nothing she have no work to do thats why she always posted a lots of things.after few days i noticed that you always try to help others by doing anythings if your little contributions can help them you did it.from this incident i feel soft corner for you.but i never knocked you.after so many days .i feel so curious to see you how the girls look like since you are not posting your photos publicly that is why i could not able to see i sent you friend request .after few days i knock at you.we have a conversation just for formality.the days are passing normally we know each others little bit.maybe we chatting each other for long time compare to before.time passed away and our conversation is going on.i cannot remember that when you turn into a facebook friend to close on.i donot know why you care about me so much.i love this are a sweet ,nice,amazing person i have ever seen .i mostly like you cause you can understand me what i want or what i want to saying if i was just angry .after long time  last month i was meeting with you for the first was a great day.when i was  with you i donot feel bored for a second.hey girl! I have question for you!why you love me so much?i know i am little bit crazy. i am doing unnecessary things all the time .but after that why you like me ?love me ?

Lastly i want to say that i don’t want to lose you anymore .thanks a lot (although the sounds look formality) for being with me ,loving with me,i am so blessed to have you .i also want to thanks aunty cause she deserve this.i have you in my life only for her .may allah bless happy

Your friend” Rashi”

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