Thanksful to Razib Ahmed sir for creating search English Group

Assalamualaikum everyone,
I’m starting writing something with praying good wishes for all the members of the search English group. Wish you will reach your goal & prosper your life.
Stay connected with search English group with us. I should must give a big thanks to our honourable Razib Ahmed sir. There are have so many groups for English or others so on. But that are not be able to make together so many people at the same moment.
Why people gathered here? They got benefits that’s why they made good will crowded here. People understand what is good or bad.
Many weak English known people who didn’t understand English, who was very weak in English, that people also recovered their weaknesses. Recently we saw how many people uploded their vedios. That’s the benefits by staying constantly in search English group.
Many successful idle we saw & know something such as Onu apu, Jannat Apu, Ap apu & so many people.
Search English group is the power, the inspiration, the enthusiasm, the good will, the passion etc & more feeling too.
I heartily would like to give thanks to Razib Ahmed sir for creating such the group & also inspiring to all.
Search English group also helps many ways, improving own self, improving English writing, reading, speaking skills.
Thank you very much
Allah Hafiz

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4 thoughts on “Thanksful to Razib Ahmed sir for creating search English Group”

  1. sultan mahmud sobuj

    Yes,search English group like as mitochondria.It is a power house to improve in English languages. Many of them are succeeded that we already watched in their video or posts.congratulations both of them.Every members are inspired from them.

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