The Alchemist was a good companion for today.

Hi, mates,

Last day I told, I will come with next five travelling story book of Bengali literature. But my mind does not favor it. I do not know why does it happens with me? When I try to write something, it does not bring from heart. or it grabs in another topic. Or sometimes mind says to take rest. Today, I have started my writing without title. I do not know where is the destination or what I want to say you. But I am sure, I am going to tell or write something you.

Last night I was so sleepy. At the mid night suddenly I fell in sleep. When it is 8.30 am, I find myself in my bed. My laptop was still going on.However, I am glad because it was a sound sleep after long time. I went to wash room weeping  my eyes. I was thinking what can I do? After refreshing at first I tried to read something from Search English reading. But my eyes did not take it easily. I feel pain in my eyes when screen of my laptop welcomed me for a while. Dropping it I concentrate on reading today. But I feel unrest, Suddenly I thought if I will go any open place or natural place may it would give pleasure. You know it is not so easy to find a natural place to spend for little. I departed my home with a book on my hand. Sure, The name of the book is ” The Alchemist” This is a international best seller book and written by Paulo Coelho.

I went to a play ground nearer my house. It is a cool morning. Because last night we saw a heavy rain splashed us. A cool breeze flowing on my surroundings. I started to my reading of this book. I was only one person sitting on a bench. There was going on Cricket tournament. Those are school boys. Though i was determined to read the whole book today but their shouting distracted me frequently. I was enjoying the soothing atmosphere also. Now I am mindless about my reading and fully  concentrated on players and their body language. I started to thought about them and their attitude,life style,devoting to them. Corner of  the field a little boy is playing with his mother wearing the cricket joursey.. May be he is five or six years old.Do you astonish? His mother has taken him here to make him see the playing of good players. His mother dream is that, He will be a good cricket player”

I talked with a boy, he is from Dinajpur. With mixing him I made a good conversation with him. What about your study? With a smile he was shaking his head. That means not well. I again asked him. Now,” Brother I just take part and fail” I give my full time behind the cricket. What can I do?” I could try to make out him. But what I have seen, He is mad for cricket. So, I inspire him to cricket. His bowling was outstanding.

Again I gave attention on them. Someone was trying to give their best in the playing. I just focus on them. How can be devoted for grab something on hand. When I invent me on my book again, I have lost one hour. Now I am hurrying up when I will complete the book. The book is written by Paulo Coelho. It has translated into 63 languages in the world. 30 million copies were sold over the world. Now I am fully engage with the Alchemist. This is a story of Shepherd boy name Santiago. Who had a dream to travel for discover the hidden treasure. Rest of the day I passed behind this book. Even in the afternoon I fell in sleep for while with this book. I was feeling deprived why I did not read before this book. Hope, I will tell about it another day. I have read 63 pages. After completing I will give a review with you. Hope, You will be with me that day.


No more today. Keep well my companion!

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