The causes and remedies of Road accident.

Bangladesh is beset with many problems and the root cause of all problems is over-population. Road accident is one of them and nowadays it has become national catastrophe or crisis for Bangladesh.Everyday road accident is taking away enormous innocent lives ruthlessly.Whenever we turn over the newspaper pages everyday, we find such types of unexpected road crashes news. Day after day we are becoming helpless to the street accidents. Now it is the greatest concern for Bangladesh to reduce death tolls and injured people which are being occurred for sudden road accidents. It has even become dreadful to walk on the busiest roadside in the urban areas.Now I am trying to depict some causes of occurring road crashes briefly.No individual is responsible for causing road accidents singly.There are various reasons for occurring road crashes in Bangladesh.
1, The carelessness and inexperience of Drivers.
2, Most of the drivers have no driving licence.
3, Defective and obsolete vehicles.
4, Paucity of roads and narrowed roads.
5, The trend of competing while driving.
6, The overtaking tendency of injudicious drivers.
7, The scarcity of required number traffic police.
8, Violating the traffic rules by both drivers and mass people.
9, Spurious oil used in vehicles.
10, The lack of dividers in the roads.
11, The lack of over-bridges.
12, The extreme carelessness of crossing roads.
13, The lack of knowing the rules of crossing the roads.
14, The excessive plying of rickshaws and vans in the urban areas.
15, The illegal occupying of footpath by the hawkers.
16, The illegal constructions and markets closing with roads.
17, Lack of knowledge about traffic rules by the rickshaw pullers and van drivers.
18, The carelessness and irresponsibility of traffic police.
19, Political instability, strikes, protests or hartals force to occur traffic congestion and sometimes this congestion turns into accidents.
20, The lack of adequate plans by the government to reduce road casualties.
21, The lack of implementation of strict traffic laws.
22, The reckless driving by the careless drivers.
Road accidents are snatching our valuable lives and property mercilessly.We the mass people along with government should be aware of assuaging street accidents and the government should take cautionary,effective and prompt actions to reduce this problem.In recent time the government has become initiated bring it under control but those steps are not enough to face this challenge. I am delineating some remedies of reducing this problem in brief.
1, The drivers should be inspired to drive consciously.
2, The plying of illegal rickshaws should be banned in urban areas and in highway roads.
3, The parking of vehicles in unscheduled places should be prohibited.
4, The expertness and qualification of drivers should be cautiously looked over before offering licences.
5, The drivers without licence should be brought into trial.
6, The drivers should check their vehicles carefully before stepping down on the roads.
7, The indicted drivers of occurring accidents should be brought into trial and the punishment should be ensured by forming quick trail.
8, The spurious driving licences offered by some dishonest officials of BRTC should be investigated neutrally and the detected perpetrators should be ensured stern punishment.
9, The illegal occupancy of footpath by the hawkers should be evicted.
10, The strict traffic laws should be followed by everyone.
11, The required number of traffic police should be appointed.
12, The vigilance on the activities of traffic police should be increased to boost the services.
13, The overtaking tendency must be stopped.
14, The illegal crossing by the general people must be stopped.
13, The required number of over-bridges must be built.
14, The alternative roads should be constructed to stop the plying of people and rickshaws in the highway roads.
15, Illegal extortion must be stopped on the streets.
16, Mass awareness is the very crucial fact for reducing this problem.
17, Defective and obsolete vehicles should be vanished from the roads.
18, The hastiness of getting down and into the buses by the people must be stopped.
19, The prevailing traffic laws need to be reformed.
20, The services of public buses should be promoted.
The unconditional remedy of reducing this problem is to stop the excessive flow of population. The excessive population is the main cause of making our country crippled.
Road accident should be declared as the national disaster and the prompt and effective actions are much needed to mitigate this problem.The more delay to take actions, the more death tolls to be brought.
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