The description of my university.

The intellectuals are the backbone of a country and the public universities are the accurate places for generating or rearing such intellectuals. There are 37 public universities in our country. I am also lucky enough to be a part of one of public universities. Now I wish to write something about my beloved university.
My university name is university of Chittagong.This is the fifth antique university in our country. My university officially started it’s journey on the 18th November 1966.It possesses the largest campus area in Bangladesh. This is surrounded with 1754 acres of hilly and flat land.This university is located in fatehpur union, hathazari upazila which is about 22 kilometers north of the Chittagong city. My varsity campus is endowed with immense natural and scenic beauty.
As per country’s law, The chancellor of this university is president of Bangladesh Abdul Hamid and it’s 17th and running vice-chancellor is Iftekhar uddin chowdhury.
There are 862 academic officials and 311 administrative officials in my university. There are 24,283 male and female students and 687 teachers in this university. There are 21 educational institutions included under Chittagong university. The world number ranking of Chittagong university is 4682. And in Bangladesh it’s position is in 14th among the all universities. The largest library of Chittagong is in this university campus. In 90th decade,this university was badly hampered with political disputes.
There are 12 residential halls in university campus. Among them, 7 is for male and 3 is for female students. Another two halls are still being built. There is also a university hostel in campus. There are several university cafeterias. Among them, Chaksu and IT Cafeterias are very special. There is a medical center in varsity campus and which is located beside the faculty of law. It works to provide free medical services and pathological examinations for university students, teachers and employees. Along with this, free medical services are also provided to the family members of teachers and employees. The medical center has a full day-to-day service, where doctors provide medical services by turns.There are 11 doctors and 4 ambulances in this center. There are also 6 temporary beds in the medical center premises.
The University of Chittagong currently has 52 departments in 7 faculties. University faculties are,
1,Faculty of Arts and Humanities
2,Faculty of Biological Sciences
3,Faculty of Business Administration
4,Faculty of Engineering
5,Faculty of Law
6,Faculty of Science
7,Faculty of Social Sciences
There are six institutes and five research centers in Chittagong university.
There are also 21 educational institutions under this university.
There is a central library in varsity campus which is one of the most enriched libraries in Bangladesh. It has huge collections. This library started its journey with only 300 books in 1996 but now it has 3.5 lac different types of rare books,journals,audio-visual elements, manuscripts and Braille books for the blind.There are separate rooms for students,researchers and teachers.There is also a big auditorium in the library building.Besides, you can read daily national and international newspapers in this library.
The first convocation of Chittagong University was held in 1994. Before this, a special convocation was held in 1981.The last convocation was held on January 31,2016.
After establishment, University of Chittagong has got 17 vice chancellors till now. The 17th and present vice-chancellor is Prof Dr. Iftekhar uddin Chowdhury.
There are buses and micro buses for teachers to go to varsity campus from town area. There are two shuttle trains with 10 compartments for students to go to varsity. This is the only university which provides train facilities for the students among all other public universities. This university launched it’s train services for the students in 1980. At present, two trains daily run from campus to Sholashahar and Sholashahar to campus 7 times in a day with 8/9 thousands students.
University of chittagong reared some sparkling stars who are very successful and notable in their respective fields. Our current and 21st chief justice Mr. Surendra kumar Sinha obtained his bachelor of laws degree in 1974 from this university. The current and 11th governor of Bangladesh bank is Fazle kabir who completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from university of chittagong.
I forgot to affix this crucial information that Chittagong University was founded on 3 December 1965 by Fazlul Qadir Chaudhry in Chittagong City. He was one of the main initiators for this university.I heard that the university was ascertained to establish in comilla city but this man snatched this varsity from comilla to chittagong.
Dr. Muhammad Yunus who got the nobel prize in peace in 2006, was the professor of economics department in Chittagong university.
Abdul Mannan who is the current chairman of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, was the Professor of Management Department in Chittagong university.
Jamal Nazrul Islam who was very renowned professor,scientist and researcher of chittagong university.
There are some notable museums in varsity campus like, university museum,zoological museum,sea resources museum etc.
There are some memorial monuments and sculptures in university campus like, main memorial monument,intellectual monument and freedom memory murals.There is also a universty central shaheed minar which is located at the opposite side of the intellectual monument and it was established in 1993.
There is a natural waterfall in the western side of varsity campus which always wears a fascinating appearance.
There is a captivating pagoda in the northern part of university campus.
There is also a colossal central field in the north-western part of university campus.
you will also find the charming beauty in the forestry department which bears one of the most engrossing looks in the varsity campus.
Chittagong university campus is the place of aesthetic beauties but I couldn’t describe them nicely as I am not good at writing informative post.Many crucial information are yet left to write about university of chittagong.In future, I will write a marvelous post about my beloved university when I will be highly habituated to writing informative post in shaa Allah. I am seeking pardon to you, specially the students who are from chittagong universty, for my worst description about my beloved university.
This is my first step of writing informative post. I must be laborious to be accustomed to writing such types of posts.
I will write another post delineating the experiences of my campus life because there were also some interesting,sweet and bitter experiences during my campus life.
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  1. At first, I would like to thank Kamrul hasan vaiya who wrote a well-decorated post and also has given some essential information here.I got overall picture of Chittagong university from this content. Not only he did describe the whole varsity, he touched some imaginative sector too such as natural waterfall, evergreen environment, train facilities and so on. However, thanks a lot Kamrul hasan vaiya for giving us such a content. Have a peaceful life……

  2. Excellent description about Chittagong university..I have dream that i will visit this university because i have known it is big and too nice university.. Thanks

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