The Glorious December has come back

The glorious December has come back again

Hi friends, how are you doing there?

Today I wanna write about glorious, victorious and joyful month of December. Friends all of you know that December is the last month of the year according to Christians calendar or Gregrian Calendar. This month has many significant and mourning issues. The most glorious day is 16th December when we had achieved our independence after 9 months of bloody war and the mourning day is 14th December when enemies had killed our many intellectual people. For such kind of issues December has been remembering as a most significant month for Bengali.

Friends, if we look back in history we can see that when Indian Subcontinent have got free from colonial rules from British then this subcontinent had divided into two parts one is India and another one is Pakistan. Again Pakistan had two parts one is west Pakistan and another one is East Pakistan.

Though we were a significant and major part of Pakistan but the rulers of Pakistan were mainly from west Pakistan and they used to ruled us as their arbitrary. They used to occlude and deprived us from our fair rights. Their views about us were very cruel and shabby. They don’t count us as a men they used to think that we are just servant. They killed many of us since 1947 and our streets and fields shaded many times by fresh blood of our brothers and sisters.

They didn’t handover the Power of government to AL despite of AL defeated them in Election of 1970s. There were many crucial matter was which made crazy Bengali people for freedom. Finally they wanted to vanished our lives on 25th March by operation searchlight. How cruel they’re it can’t be imagine.

As a result liberation war had taken place in 1971 and it continued almost 9 months. During these 9 month many people, children, women had lost their lives and house. Many of us had flew to the nearest country. Many mothers and sisters were killed and raped by Enemies.
We had no enough trained army, no weapons, no manpower, nevertheless our determination was strong and our heroes and heroines had fought against enemy.

Finally we achieved our Independence on 16th December 1971. We have got a green and peaceful country named Bangladesh. The world also got a new independent country. Countries from different parts of the world have recognized us as a independent Country.

Now we are a roll model of development for many countries of the world. Our development and economical growth is really remarkable. We have many interesting and historical places to visit, we have a lot of intelligent people who have got international confession. We are renowned as a queen of the beauty over the world. Our trained armies are working in many different countries to keep peace under UN. Our Cricket team is now one of the most powerful team over the world. We are very keen to work with anyone from any country. We are living in a peaceful country.

I love my country and long live Bangladesh

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