The Importance of Learning English and Why

This is the Order of the Day, to Know English. English is the most commonly spoken language in All Over the world. At the Ages of Moderns, More than 750 million people speak English.  As The World is coming into contact in People Gripe Little by Little.  Learning English is most important Think The people all over the world of Non-Native English Man. Right now, One out of five people can speak or at least understand English!


More than 60 country and many of International Organization Include  As An Official Or Semi-Official Language Of English Like (UN, EU, NATO,).

Many Other Country as a Second language Of English including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany Holland India And Bangladesh.

Statistics Show about More than 350 million speaks in English As a first language and another 300 million people use it as a second language. Could you imagine? There is Nanosecond are let, to Learning English.

If you Want to get Handsome, Prospers, Phenomenal, Colourfull,  And Successful life, So, You Must Know English.

There are Several Reason, Why Should you Learn English.


  1. English Make you a better job/career: Many Job Seeker Are Not Getting Job, in spite of Having Good result In Academic Career, While attending Viva Voce Unable to Communicate Having Used Of English Language.  As Because Employer is not pleased with them. Having Known Well Speak in English and Writing Too, You Must Get Handsome Salary Than Other As well As Easy To Attract Employer. Think about it – no company on the planet will see it as a disadvantage that you speak good English, will they?


  1. Knowledge & information: English Help you to gets more knowledge & information.  Which do you want to collect for your own interest? Many Famous Book, Autobiography, Scientific Pager, Popular Newspaper, Documentary etc are written in English. If you Want to collect Information, You Must Know English.    By This Way, You Will Be Abe to Increase The Power Of Your Knowledge.


  1. Bilingual Job: Having been Bilingual in the English Language, It will give you access to Explore your Career in Bilingual Job Sector to Work with Foreigner Person. Many Foreigner Man And Woman Come to your Country to Visit Business Purpose, Traveling Purpose, And Job Purpose, It Is Much Difficult To Communicate With these Country People TO Work With Them. As Because they Search Bilingual People to Advocacy to Understand Bengali to English. As Result the Appointed Bilingual People, it is one Of the great Advantage to Discover Your New Career In this Sector.


  1. English = Education: The world’s Famous, Noted, and Popular Universities Like (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard) Have Been Written their book And Syllabus in English in order to Student. If you have desire to Study in abroad, it is nothing to say that, you must know English otherwise Impossible to fulfil your Desire. If you are not a native-speaker, then you will need to prove your high level of English fluency by having a good IELTS or TOEFL exam qualification.


  1. Help In business: if your Business Run in Home And Abroad. If you have no business English skills you will be in big trouble!. English gives you the chance to build relationships with overseas customers, and the ability to build relationships is an important business skill that puts you at an advantage over non-English speaking fellow employees and makes you more valuable to the company you work for.


  1. The Internet is in English: All of us Very Familiar with Internet And    Do you Know, Some 60% Webpage’s Are Written In the English Language. Website Content, Video, Audio, Are Displayed In order to Visitor In English. If you Want to Collect Information Form Internet and Website too, So Should Know English to get Your Desire Information.


  1. Understanding Famous Movie and Books: Many Famous, Illustrious, and Popular, Movies and Books Have been Written In English, It Will Help You, To Understanding Root and Branch Of This Book And Movies, As a result, You Will be Able to Understand Every Single inch. Which Gave you Much pleasurable, Satisfaction,
  2. English Manage you travel Easier: English is the most widely spoken language all over the world. If you know the language, you have an open New Window to most of the countries in the world. That’s a big advantage unless your goal in life is to remain within 40 kilometers of where you were born throughout your life.
  3. Online Job: Having Known of English, you could Explore/Discover you New Career in Online marketplace As a Virtual Assistance, VP, Article Writer, Call Centre Agent Etc. On (,,,, )  And  So On.
  4. People Respect you: Most of the Student Of Bangladesh, Much Fear of English. when He/she see,  Some Else Speak English Well Like A Foreigner. As result, They Try To Respect More  English Speaker Even He/she Younger than Young, Only Known By English. It Will Create Difference you From Other to Show That you are Special than Other.



I Don’t  Wanna Lengthen my Speech. I’m Not A Good Writer As well As Speaker, I  Have many Mistake In My Written, So Pardoned Me, Thanks for Your Patience To Read My Post. For The Time Being. No More today, Allah Hafiz.

Md. Kowsur Rahman.

Rangpur City, 14 Ward

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7 thoughts on “The Importance of Learning English and Why”

  1. oh! boy
    I got lots of information about importance of learning English by reading your post….
    Thank you so much from my bottom of heart..!
    I’m not good at English but I have a great desire to learn English.
    I love this language very much.
    plz right more post

  2. Mozammal Hoque

    Well writing. It’s kept our mind, ,We can easily learn English. But, all learners can’t understand English easily, Because they aren’t capable understand English Grammar.

  3. Your writing has helped me highly. Thanks a lot brother for this article. When i was reading this then i was inspired that any how i have to do good in english. Obviously if we make us good in English,we can make a good career. In this era English is most needed for all of us.

  4. Md. kowsur Rahman..for you special congratulations, you are so best helper of us. … Thanks so much.we can learn many essential things for learning Englis.

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