The problems and the remedies of excessive population in Bangladesh.

There are four inseparable organs of forming a state.You can,t imagine a state keeping one left.The organs are; specific land,government,sovereignty and population.There is no existence of a state without population.Skilled population is a blessing for a country and on the the contrary, unskilled population is a curse for a country. Bangladesh is densely populated country and the rapid growth of population is the great threat for our all kinds of progress. This incredible growth of population is considered as the population explosion. This population explosion is the great impediment of any country’s development. The excessive population hinders the people to meet up their basic human needs.Here I want to utter a great speech of a great philosopher,Aristotle.He says, Optimum population is a boon, Over population is a bane.
The most renowned economist Tomas Robert Malthus has fabulously illustrated about the nature of population. According to his opinion, Excessive population is the extreme cause of occurring economic downfall and suffering. Population rises according to geometrical progression but the necessary commodities of surviving rise arithmetical progression.As a result, the population turns into twice of present population after every 25 years. This rapid rising of population brings inconsistency at every sphere of life.
Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated regions in the world.Bangladesh is 1/3000 the part of total land area of the world but it is 8th populated country in the world.The land area of Bangladesh is 1,47,610 square kilometers or 56,970 square miles. Now the population of Bangladesh is almost 17 crores.In 1901 the population was 3 crores.After 100 years in 2013, it had become 13 crores. Now in 2017, it has exceeded 16 crores. The statistic proves that it will be twice in 2050.Now the population growth rate is 1.37%.
The paucity of food is very acute in our country. The people who are living under extreme poverty line, are badly suffering from food security. It is totally impossible to meet up the demands of this vast population with the limited resources. This burdened population is the greatest fetter of our development. The low per capita income and the low standard of life are great concerns for our country. Bangladesh is attacked with extreme poverty, scarcity of food,acute unemployment crisis, malnutrition,illiteracy, road accidents and traffic jam for this bad impact of population explosion.
The reasons of the rapid growth of population in our country are; geographical atmosphere,lack of education, low standard of life, social and religious impact,early marriage, superstition,food habit, the ignorance of family planning,the decrease of mortality rate, lack of entertainment,extreme poverty,unemployment,lack of social and economic security.
The great obstacle of controlling excessive population is prejudice. The most common trend of people is, The creator has created us and he will manage food to feed us. This trend is mostly playing the role to accelerate the population growth by leaps and bounds. There is another perception in people’s mind that most of the uneducated people expect male child and they think that son is the blessing of their family. They also think that male child is the most dependable way of earning. This discriminated trend is boosting to rise the population rapidly. These ill thoughts of brainless people are the causing of rapid population growth.The lack of proper family planning is highly responsible to rise population growth in our country.
The population explosion is very noticeable in the poor people.Lack of consciousness,lack of education,superstition and religious bigotry are the main reasons for this.
I am now mentioning here some problems created by the rapid population growth in Bangladesh.
1,The scarcity of food. 2,The rise of unemployment.
3,Reducing per capita income.4,Lack of capital.
5,The diminishing of agricultural land.
6,Fragmentation of agricultural land.
7,The obstruction of ameliorating industrial sector.
8,The rise of landless people.
9,Deprivation of amenities.
10,The hampered of producing raw materials.
11,Deprivation of education.
12,Lack of proper treatment,
13,Malnutrition 14, Inflation of currency due to rising demands.
15,Lack of accommodation, 16, The rise of dependency.
17,Environmental pollution.18, Famine and epidemic.
19,The rise of social crimes. 20, Traffic jams.
21,Road accidents, 22, Economic slowdown.
23,The rise of foreign loan. 24, social instability.
25,The low standard of life. 26, the rise of mortality rate.
27, The increase of fatal diseases.
Reliable,effective and timely measures are much needed to control this rapid rising population growth.The whole world is attacked with population problem. The steps taken by united nations globally are being endeavored to control this population for the purpose of the greater welfare of world humanity. Bangladesh government has also taken some necessary steps to control it. Now I am also mentioning some measures to obstruct this growth.
1,Economic development. 2,The alleviation of unemployment,
3,Creating work opportunities. 4,poverty alleviation
5,The ensure of education to all. 6, Early marriage must be stopped. 7, Raising awareness among the mass people.
8,The promotion of women education.
9,The proper implementation of laws.
10, Equal distribution of national income.
11, The youths should be inspired to be self-reliant.
12, Family planning should be followed strictly.
13, Mass media should boost their programs to make aware the people about the bad effects of huge population.
14, Public awareness and social movements can play the most significant role at this regard.
15,Education should be spread widely to remove superstitions from the society.
The people should emphasize on proper family planning to reduce this problem otherwise it will move out of control very soon.Religious bigotry,lack of education, ignorance,superstition and poverty are expediting this problem in our country.It is crying need now to control our population rise to make our country self-reliant in the world.
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