Reality of Search English

What have I lost….?

What have I gotten.?
The good side of SE! !!!
The Negative side of SE!!!

Hello my dear lovely group mates or friends or brothers and sisters how are you? How are you passing your day and night? What’s about the practice of search English group? Hope you all are pretty good by the help of Almighty Allah and your practising is going on definitely well because as you think you are astute or talent then definitely you are doing practice as much as possible for what? For betterment of you nothing else. Yes,I am also quite well and practising also well by the supporting of Razib Ahmed sir and you.

Let’s the main point why am I here and what actually I am going to express here about me and this group.
I have come here for writing something about me, where I was and now where I am and search English group.
Dear members, I have recently completed my graduation from BBA program,already I have spent 22 years in my study purpose but what actually I have gained don’t know.yes,I am graduate I have a certificate that is my achievement but is this certificate enough for getting a good job or leading a smart life or earning enough money?

May be someone thinks yes and someone thinks not.but why? Because we are confused about that you know why? The reason of that we are weak in English, afraid about English, fear about English, less confidence about English, low knowledge about English, afraid about viva,low confidence about viva voce because all viva will held in English. I think there is know value on my certificate if I can’t use it properly by utilizing my achieving knowledge. We have to prove ourselves, yes I am able to do anything because I have this certificate and knowledge about anything. After passing 22 years I had no confidence about English but after joining this group within 90 days I have gained my confidence you know how is it possible? only by search English group and following the direction of Razib Ahmed sir.I can write a long post and article without thinking a long time.
You have joined this group that mean you are successful 50%rest of 50% you have to achieve by investing time and heart and soul effort.For fulfilling 100% capability you have to sacrifice something that I am going to mention below. Do comment achieve your desire success. I am also commenter in this group.

@Speaking, oho this is so tough, it’s quite impossibile by me. I am very weak in English, I can not speak a word even then how I will speak in English for long time. Speaking of English is not for me actually, may be your thinking like that, yes just 25 days I thought like you but now I am able to speak hour after hour about any topics, do you know how is it become possible? only by search English audio adda. I have got some guides, guardian, motivator,friends, brothers, sisters and finally I have got a mentor as I have seen ever in my life. I have got all of these things that I mentioned above.

What have I lost?????

Yes,I lost many things, like some evil,verbose, jealousy,hopeless, dreamless,trackless, innovative thinkless friends.
Bad habit, time wasting activities, Facebook browsing, chatting, talking by mobile phone hour and hour, frustration, hesitation, fear,afraid, shyness, shameless about English
I lost all of these activities after joining this search English GROUP
then you can judge I am beneficiary or loser.

Good side of SE!!!!

This is the platform by which we are going to the zenith of our career was our dream only.Now it’s going to be true.
SE always motivates to do innovative something.
It teaches us English is not a subject it’s a language. We should learn it because without it we can’t do anything in this modern era.SE makes an opportunity to write and practice here for improving ourselves. SE encourage us to write something everyday, it doesn’t matter I am making mistake or not. It gives us permission you can make a mistake that’s why we can write without hesitation and afraid .SE has no demand one tk from us. These all are the positive side of search English group.

Negative side of SE!!

There huge negative side of search English, you know what? Yes, you are thinking I am going to be mad then why I am going to say about negative side of search English.
yes,dear friends today I have say something about negative of search English.
Let’s start.
Search English group is making us powerful,skillful, fearless, shameless about in English, Dare, popular, encourage, educated,knowledgeable, active, hard working, dreamer,perseverance, diligence, patient, readers,speakers, writers, listeners and established without demanding any payment that is the problem and negative side or work of search English.
Then you can judge, what is actually doing search English for us,positive something or negative something.I have no enough words actually by which I can express about the feelings of me benefit of search English group.
Key word of search English group
Comment is the key to skill.
Thank you all for reading the article with patient.
All the best all of you.
Go ahead with patient.
All the best SE group.
Allah hafez.
Keep writing
keep fighting
Receive your desire success.

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