They Changed My Life!

Hello guys! Hope you guys are going well. For the examination problem I was so inactive in this group you know! I am trying my level best to come back again. It is will happen in under some days. I am sure about that. So i just got some few moments to spend under the exam period and started to write the actual story of Search English. Means what actual Search English did for me. Here I will share everything from my childhood what I got, what I getting, what I did and what I am doing. So I will introduce myself to you guys again but later. Now let’s go to the post section.

In effort here is a little about of my English learning starting point. When I was in class 4 that time Noticed that cricket matches and many international events are happening in English and I asked to my father  that why the guys of T.V are saying English language? Why they are not using Bangla? My father answered “Dear, English is the second language of our country and the international language of the world! If you wnat to go anywhere out of Bangladesh you have to learn English!” Just that time a new ambition of learning was started to turn in my brain. I started to read the English news paper. Problem I was unable to understand the words and the word meaning of those news! That is why I stopped to read English news paper. 🙁 But I had also a hope that time to learn English. No-one was help me that time. After passing class 5 I have met one of the good teacher of Dhaka in English but was failed to learn the original English!

I am a hunter of English, so my hunting was still running that time. Felt very sad that I am trying my best since class 4 and still unable to learn the english! But I found the first gem of my life in my village! At class 7 I was moved to my village and I was met with one of my favorite teacher present time name Pariml Biswas. He show me the actual way but I was lazy. No result. At 2015 I suddenly notice one of the person from e-CAB name Razib Ahmed is writing so inspiring post for youth generation! I just inspired. Started to read his all post and suddenly noticed he is going to start a new english group for everyone to learn english and I thought t join here. Yes its worked. In 2016 when this group was established I was a little bit lazy also and inactive actually! But in August 2016 Parimal sir again started to took me out from the laziness with an another way which worked fully! I motivated! But SE did a bigger then it. When I started to comment here at 2017 January, I was thought that there is two person in my life and the thought of them is fully same to same! There nothing impossible to do in my life any more! So I started to read the every post of Razib Ahmed sir in this group and wrote comments, Also I was following the rules of Parimal sir as I can. In under 11 months only I just learnt English so nicely! And I feel very very glad that I am a member of Search English and also a student of Parimal Sir. Nowadays I am still working with my teacher Parimal sir to remove the shyness of English learning in rural areas! I am also so proud to introduce that I am a member of SE and the ‘Fantastic Four’ Sub group by SE. Nowadays Still I am hunting English! I will hunt this till my end! Search English did everything for me. For this group I just improved in My freelancing, business and study Carrier! Today you are reading my post to learn English and once a time I am also a readier of your posts. Really its a tremendous to me that I am now a writer of Search English Writing Section. I am ensured I will improve on Listening,Speaking,Reading and writing skills via SE! For learn English I have also forgotten sleep and hunger for 3-5 days maybe. But Now I am a little busy about my Mid-Term exam. I am giving you a trust to get back to you in under 28th of April!

Actually I want to say Razib Ahmed sir is a biggest mentor of my life to change it! There is also a person mean Parimal sir who has also a same respect from me for this awesome teaching! I am Just felling and saying that what the actual work SE did for me! By giving time here you will be success in you life like Mir Zahid vai, Suzon Vai, Salman Vai and so many personality!

Search English will show you the right way to learn englsih, but you have to us and follow that. I would like to say that Bangladesh needed some guys Razib Ahmed sir and Parimal sir to remove the ignorance! We can do it and we have still full hope on that.

As I said that to do a better job in your life you have to learn English! Because Graduation will never help you if you are not expert in English! You will face so many problem and the problem will protest you to stop that! You will not be fail if you think that you can. I improved me in this way and now I can write and speak in english a little bit! It is the power of Search English and that is why SE is the biggest and strongest English learning group in this world!

Now I am going to finish today! Just to share my life experience that SE, Razib Ahmed Sir and Parimal Sir has done for me and they changed my life. For them now I am feeling easy at study, Freelancing and Business. I am growing with my business  for English! No more today I will wrie. Bye for now and hoping to meet you guys again soon. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “They Changed My Life!”

  1. salman

    Just Razib Ahmed writing so much powerful. It has an extra strength, full of inspiration. I am also one of the lucky person as like you who come to touch with Search English by reading his writings. SE is blessing for us. Excellent @ Pulak vai

  2. Firstly, I convey my cordial thanks bro. Your life story inspired me a lot. I have got the original motivation and dictation to success in my future life. Hope you will shine in your future life. Keep archiving and enhancing proper English knowledge. I can ensure that you will be a proper learned man by proximity of Search English group.

  3. I am a lazy lady.. I want learn English but don’t care it. sometimes I avoid search English.. I know it’s a bad for me.I think search English & rajiz sir r made each other.. u r very like because u get the porimol sir but I had no any good teacher about English.. thank brother, ur writing is so well.

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