this 1st time that i want check


One of my relatives  said   most often this story. When he was serve in a bank .One of colleague always speak in English .Lots of error ,the pronunciation is inaudible .Everybody laughs with it .But he has no attention to that .He continuously speaking ,don’t care to other insult .Then he transferred to another branch .many years passing after that .One day ,going to the senior sir room ,someone speaking fluently with my senior sir .Oh ,this is my colleague .Speaking in English he overcome to my senior sir .One day everybody laughed him but today everybody bow down their head against him .Success come by this way .The way of success is not 2 or 3  ,just one .That is to be with it, With it ,with it..

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9 thoughts on “this 1st time that i want check”

  1. Yes, success is not a toy. You can making a nice plan and continue hard work, after few days you got a result. We called this is success.
    We can’t speaking, writing any platform. Cause our mother language is bangla and social system is not match everyone. I can teach him, not lough. So, wwhen I don’t know this subject, I can try to learn and others expert people help me. It is system, but we walk wrong way. I want solve this system and help one another.

  2. thanks bro for share this post
    . i try to learn English. InshaAllah i overcome shyness and also overcome my weakness in English. your relative say a good inspiring story.

  3. sultan mahmud sobuj

    we have to kick out our shyness, this is the hinder to get the success. Success can’t achieve in a day, we have to hard work till get success. Don’t care for mocking, at end of the I’ll obviously win.

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