This post about Razib Ahmed Sir

Hello everybody a good day to you all. This is Al-amin here, I would like to talk about Razib Ahmed Sir. So let’s get started.

First I want some blessing from Allah that I will notice some point of Razib Ahmed sir and this is my first post about Razib Ahmed sir.

Razib Ahmed sir is the inspiration for all those people who are talking teach from him. And personally he is very good man. The Razib Ahmed sir has two Facebook group 1st group is Search English and 2nd Digital Skills for Bangladesh. These groups are very important of all people. He is always trying to give us more inspiration from him.

Razib Ahmed Sir always working for ordinary people like me. Everyone who are disappointed about their future career they are always coming in search English and after 1 or 2 Month later the result is that they are totally out of disappointed. It’s happening only for Razib Ahmed Sir.

The Razib Ahmed is the only one person who always trying to teach most of people, Not only Bangladeshi people but also all countries people. I think he is doing work for all the people in the earth.

Last of all, I would like to wish a Happy long life for Razib Ahmed Sir.

This is it.

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