This post about the role of english language in our career.


I think English is the very effective for every educated person because when we face any kind of interview of job that time we have to interview in english language. Otherwise when we want to read any text book of English from internet that time we need English language. For example if I want to read this post I have must need english language. And in Internet has many foreigner website, all the foreigner website’s all the writing is English language. In that website has many important information about anything. So if we want to read some articles from foreigner website then we have must firstly need english language.

And every person they are want a good job and handsome salary in their future, for a good job and with a handsome salary, we firstly need english language skills.

I hope I have said clearly about it, so what’s your opinion on this post??

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14 thoughts on “This post about the role of english language in our career.”

  1. I am fully agree with this comment. In our career life knowing English is very essential . In my personal life I faced many problems lacking of English language it started from accademic level. When I was in six a massive change had been done in English syllabus known as communicative methode which was unknown for the teacher . Day by day apathy build up to learn English in my mind. This apathy has made me a weak contestant in the job market. When I come forward English made an obstacle but I want to brake the obstacle.

  2. English is a impotent language. Now all work language in English. Any person if face to job interview then interview language in English. Any communication with foreigner this language is English.

  3. sultan mahmud sobuj

    sounds great…obviously English is needed for our career if we want to handsome salary.. besides to gain knowledge English is must. Alamin vai tnx for valuable post

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right. In order to do better in job sector, we must need English language skills. If we didn’t have English language skills, we will not get a good job with handsome salary. So we have to learn English in order to change our life.

  5. Yes sir i agree with you. English is a International language. Without English better life impossible .If we can structure better life then we know English language essential .

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